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TITLE Warhound
US PUBLISHER To Be Announced
UK PUBLISHER To Be Announced

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SCREENS ADDED: 13 Feb-2007


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Official Fact Sheet:

Warhound is an FPP shooter where you make a career of the elite mercenary. When you are not working, you get new licenses and improve. When at work, you take part in the hottest world conflicts. Because you are a Warhound – an elite mercenary on the side of good. The choice is yours. You’ve got a laptop and a map of the world. Presidents, businessmen, and ordinary people ask you for help where nothing more can be done officially. You choose a mission, then fly, clean and disappear. You get the reward and nobody knows anything.

  • Manage your carrier. SOS messages come from many places. Freely plan you way of a mercenary.
  • Develop your skills. Gain the license of an Alpinist to climb harder and harder rocks, learn to operate new vehicles – from jeep to tanks and boats; practice shooting and test weapons on your own firing ground.
  • Fight the way you want. Each mission has a number of ways to reach the goal. The number depends on your abilities.
  • Go back to where you already fought. Enemies are like weed which revive in uncultivated soil. Many missions can be repeated many times.
  • Manage your equipment. Buy better weapons and trade the equipment found on the battleground.
  • Use the intelligence service. Buy information that will allow you to learn more about your enemy.
  • Specialize. By completing tasks of given type you become a specialist. Build your reputation which will bring you new orders and will open the way to the top of the ranking.

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