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Hidden Snowman:During the Mount Merakan mission by one of the ore refineries there are huts. Destroy them and look under them.Get Z-95 Headhunter:Input “Hunter” at the pass codes screen.Get Everything:Input LONGO on the code screen.Get Invincible Craft:Input ARTOO on the code screen.Get Full Screen Cockpit:Input CONVISTA on the code screen.Get More Camera Angles:Input DARON on the code screen.Get Weird Controls:Input JARJAR on the code screen.Get Single Player Missions:Get Advanced Prototype Test – Complete Mission 1 Bonus Objective.Get Riding Shotgun – Complete Mission 6 Bonus Objective.Get The Lone Gunship – Complete Mission 13 Bonus Objective.Get Jango Fett – Complete Mission 15 Bonus Objective.Get Concept Art and More:Get Team Commentary – Complete All 1 Player Hidden Objectives.Get Vehicle Concept Art – Complete Mission 5 Bonus Objective.Get In-Game Concept Art – Complete Mission 6 Bonus Objective.Get Movie Concept Art – Complete Mission 7 Bonus Objective.Get Movie Concept Art 2 – Complete Mission 8 Bonus Objective.Get My Day At Work – Complete Mission 11 Bonus Objective.Get Nym Comic Book Art – Complete Mission 12 Bonus Objective.Get Team Photos – Complete Mission 10 Bonus Objective.Get Multiplayer Missions:Get Classic Dogfight – Complete Mission 2 Bonus Objective.Get Droid Hunter – Complete Mission 11 Bonus Objective.Get Showdown Over Geonosis – Complete All 2 Player Hidden Objectives.Get The Lone Gunship – Complete all 2-Player Hidden Objectives.

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