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Hint: Weapon Upgrades:
Healing Tool
Fast Injector – Faster doses mean faster health restore.
Health Boost – Adds one life point.
Adrenal Boost – Adds one more life point.

Fire Accelerator – Increases fire rate.
Recoil Stabiliser – Increases accuracy.
Armor-piercing – Increases damage.

Grenade Launcher:
Remote Detonator – Increases ammo to 8; allows for manual trigger.
Fragment Attraction – Increases blast size and ammo to 10.
Target Leech – Increases ammo to 12.

Frag Rifle:
Servo-Reloader – Increase reload speed.
Magneto Concentrator – Creates a laser mine at close range.
Titanium Concentrators – Creates a stronger mine at close range.

Sniper Rifle:
Enhanced Vision – Highlights enemies in scope view.
Increased Ammunition – Increases ammo to 6 in magazine, 18 reserve.
Armor-piercing – Increases damage.

Plasma Gun:
Arc Sphere – Charge weapon to unleash damage orb.
Defense Sphere – Damage orb endures longer and explodes on contact.
Explosive Sphere – Damage orb endures longest; explosion is larger.

Rocket Launcher:
Heat-Seeking – Warhead heat-seeks after holding trigger and firing.
Dual Warheads – Two warheads fired.
Quad Warheads – Four warheads fired.

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