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Cheat List:
Highlight Options on the main menu then highlight Options: (Name of Player). Press LEFT or RIGHT on that selection to access the Cheat Code menu. Press A to start entering cheats, and R to copy/paste cheat to/from the Xbox clipboard.

hotwired – unlocks all cars. Only works while logged into Xbox Live.
theworldismine – unlocks all arcade locations.
zooomzoom4 – inlimited nitro.
greasemonkey – all car abilities
bigbrother – unlocks most dedicated status.
howfastcanitbe0-9 – set game speed (0 is low, 9 is fast)
howhardcanitbe0-9 – set game difficulty (0 is easy, 9 is hard)

Change Difficulty Level:
If the game is too hard and you cant beat this race then go to options

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