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Cheat List:
Enter these cheats under secrets after pausing:

GazerBeam: Shoot beams
SmartBomb: Destroy everything on screen
SpringBreak: Level select
SassMode: Fast game speed
UUDDLRLRBAS: Refill health partly
PinkSlip: Health never drops, except in rare situations
Showtime: Unlimited Incredi-points (temporary)
DanielTheFlash: Superspeed while running
DashLikes: Unlimited Incredi-power with Dash
McTravis: Fast Running and Ramming
Kronos: Findtrails And Superpunch
AthletesFoot: Fire Trail
Flexible: Unlimited Elastigirl powers
Gilgendash: Dash not damaged by object collision
TonyLoaf: Unlimited Incredi-power with Violet
BWTheMovie: Player always in slow motion
InvertCameraX: Invert horizontal camera control
InvertCameraY: Invert vertical camera control
Einsteinium: Big head mode
DeEvolve: Small head mode
bHUD: Toggle HUD on/off
InvertTurret: Reverse movement with Nomansian Island turret
DiscoRules: Some objects flash different colors
EMode: Adjust for brightness/colors
Hi: Introduction sequence
YourNameInLights: View credits
BoaPlace: Easy game
Dandruff: Henchmen always launch death shrapnel
RotAIDalg: Engage battle mode
Labombe: Beat levels with Bombvoyage
TheDudeAbides: Deactivate all in-game codes/cheats
Perryperson: Skips level
Submitted by antony, skillz, johb
Cheat List 2

* HI: introduction sequence
* SpringBreak: removed
* ROTAIDALG: battle mode
* EMODE: Bright colors
* GILGENDASH: Dash doesn?t damage when running into objects (non-working on 100 Mile Dash).
* BOAPLACE: easier game
* FLEXIBLE: Elastigirl has infinite incredi-power
* TONYLOAF: health appears often
* PINKSLIP: Health remains constant
* DANDRUFF: henchmen always launch death shrapnel
* invertcameraX: horizontal camera control switched
* invertcameraY: vertical camera control switched
* MCTRAVIS: More incredi-power for Mr. Incredible
* LABOMBE: make bombs weaker
* SHOWTIME: Mr. Incredible has infinite incredi-power
* KRONOS: One hit kills
* GAZERBEAM: Shoot out laser for a short period of time
* BWTHEMOVIE: slow motion game
* DEVOLVE: Small heads
* DASHLIKES: temporary infinite incredi-power while playing as dash
* Bhud: toggle hud

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