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Weapons Cheat:
To receive some free weapons be in gameplay,have ur range weapon selected (ex: Martyrs dual handguns) and QUICKLY hit B, Up, Left, Down, Right, B, B. If you do this with a loaded game you will probably only receive the rocket launcher. If you start a new game you will receive a rocket launcher, a shotgun, a nice automatic, a chainsaw with no battery, and a flamethrower. It works, you must do it quickly and you can not do it with the analog stick, only the D-Pad.

Sound Check:
During gameplay press Left, Left, B or Right, Right, B

More Damage:
Use the d-pad and press down,down,y,b,down,down

Get Nightmare Mode:
Finish the game 1 time and it will be available in the special features menu

Get New Hunter Mode:
Finish the game 1 time and it will be available in the special features menu

Get the ‘good’ ending:
Save at least 50 innocents during the game

Easiest way to beat slow bosses!:
The best way to beat slow bosses like the teddy bear and the big monster with four legs is to use high fire power. They usually have help like monsters and ghosts, so get rid of them first. When they are gone equip a special weapon that is a gun. Run backwards and fire. To run backwards is to set the stick that is used to move the character back and the the aiming stick towards the boss. Keep firing the special weapons until its gone then use the basic fire arm that is unlimited. keep making it chase you while you shoot the crap out of it. Also keep your distance, the use a shockwave the can wrech you up.

Beating the Warden for the Second time:
OK, for those of you who can’t figure out how to kill the Warden for the final battle listen up. The key to killing him is to not try and defeat him, but instead take out the window that he starts by. The light is what will kill him eventually. I suggest using the rocket launcher until you don’t have anymore rounds and then switch to either your chain saw or some other type of weapon. Good Luck!

Beat the Teddy Bear:
The easiest way to beat the big teddy bear is with the chain saw. Just switch to the chain saw at the beginning of the boss level – and let ‘er rip. Don’t run or try to kill the other spirits first, just kill the bear. Chain saw does about triple the damage of any other weapon.

Get the accuracy power up:
When you get to the prison yard look to left there is a broken walkway jump up and follow the walkway to the rooftop there’s a accuracy power(plus you get the rocket launcher there

Get the strength power upWhen you get to the mansion go to the door turn 90 degrees to the left go straight you’ll see a gap in the wall. the strength power up is there. (lots of dobermans!!)

To get keys for doors:
Whenever you need a key for a door go right and kill all the zombies(or whatever those things are)and one should have have the key it will drop it then go to the door.

Get through the beginning of MeatHill1 simple:
“Tip: Have 3 or 4 Players”

When you start the level, run to the stairs in front, not on right. Then kill those 2 dead guards quick then go in the middle of the stair way, then fire at the dead teens, dogs, and guards that are around you. Do the same thing with the other stairs to your right, but before that, get the shotgun and machine gun to the left. Then go into the kitchen, go to the right, jump on the table right next to the right wall, then jump on the big oven so they can’t hurt you. After that go through the single door way in front to get the key, waste those zombies quick for no damage then get back in the room. Then in the other room, fight like crazy with your sword/knife/axe at those guys who shoot those poison darts at you. Well, that’s how you get pass the beginning of Meathill1, good luck on the rest.

Hint to fighting carpenter:
For those who can’t find a way to kill carpenter, because when you get him down to a millimeter of health, he heals to a bit more health. Read the computer in the office place that has the conviction healer (Looks like and E) Once you’ve read the comp, you’ll have a big hint but if you don’t know how, the electrocution chair he was standing on at the beginning of the cut scene must be destroyed before he can die.

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