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Unlock Cireka’s Vow Drizzt’s Journal book:Complete Stand at Mithral Hall levelUnlock Illius’ Youth book:Complete The Jungles of Chult level Unlock Khelben’s Letterbook:Complete The Wizard’s Tower levelUnlock Nesme’s Fall book:Complete The Yuan-Ti Temple level Unlock Ygorl And The Dragon book:Complete Into the Underdark levelUnlock Zhai’s Past book:Complete Attack at Cedarleaf level Unlock pictures:Complete War in Damara level – Battlefield pictureComplete Attack at Cedarleaf level – Cedar Leaf pictureComplete The Jungles of Chult level – Chult Jungle pictureComplete The Yuan-Ti Temple level – Chult Temple pictureComplete Gemspark level – Concept Art pictureComplete The Dragon’s Lair level – Dragon pictureComplete Into the Underdark level – Githyanki Outpost pictureComplete The Lord of Chaos level – Limbo? pictureComplete Stand at Mithral Hall level – Mithral? pictureComplete The Wizard’s Tower level – Wizard’s Tower picture

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