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XBox – Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director’s Cut Cheats

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Unlock the 1st ending, Mission Mode, Gallery, Ghost List options, Feel Expand camera abilities:Finish the game in the easy or normal mode. You can begin a new game with the current maps, items and camera abilities. Unlock the “Hard Mode”, 2 alternate clothes, and Mio glasses:Finish the game in normal difficulty mode.Unlock alternate ending, “Nightmare Mode”, “Album” options, true ending sequence, and 2 more alternate clothes:Finish the game in hard modeUnlock alternate ending, 2 more alternate leaether costumes, crash lens anddevelopment documents:Finish the game in the nightmare moreUnlock maid costume and glasses for Mayu:Finish all missions in mission modeUnlock 2 additional outfit:Finish all missions in mission mode with an “S” rankUnlock set-up information:Finish the Ghost ListEasy Fatal Frame shot:Let the ghost catch Mayu. The ghost will grab Mayu and you can easily can take a Fatal Frame shot.

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