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Unlockable Bonuses:
All-Time Celtics Team – Block 100 shots.
All-Time Lakers Team – Steal the ball twenty times.
All-Time Sonics Team – Dish out 150 assists.
All-Time 76ers Team – Get 150 rebounds.
2K4 Team – Record fifteen double-doubles.
Rookie Class Team – Accumulate a total of 100 points.
Sega Team – Accumulate ten hours of game play.
Sega Sports Challenge Team – Win one game in exhibition mode.
Superstars Team – Get 100 steals.
Sophomore Class Team – Accumulate a total of 500 points scored.
VC Team – Get fifteen triple-doubles.

Rock Ball – Complete ten games in street mode.
Ooga Booga Ball – Complete fifteen games in street mode.
ESPN Ball – Complete five games in street mode.
ABA Ball – Complete one game in street mode.

Unlock All In 24/7 Mode:
Create a player for 24/7 mode using the names HUNT for the first name and 4TREASURE as the last name. Leave the entire name in capitals for best results.

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