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Boldo and Lady:Defeat them at the Dance Tower in quest mode.Edge Of Control: Jondi and Spesh:Clear the fourth club area in Quest Mode.Note: shift right three times from Arrow Street, and head up once to the club.Unlock everything instantly:This trick will fully unlock Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4’s secrets including the Fifth Power Course.At the Master Mode menu highlight the following selections with the cursor for atleast ONE SECOND. Scroll quickly when moving from one MODE selection to the other. I suggest waiting for the female announcer to say the name of the mode before moving to the nextMODE selection:BASIC MODEEDIT MODEJUKEBOX MODEPARTY MODERECORDSWORKOUT MODEAfter WORKOUT MODE, scroll up to GAME MODE and select it.Unlockable songs:Unlockable – How to UnlockAnother Planet – Clear the Club Planet in Quest ModeBack-to-Back – Clear the Club BB in Quest ModeBeat Slow Down – Clear the Club Slow Down in Quest ModeCELEBRATE NITE (Like it’s ’99 Mix) – Clear the Club Night in Quest ModeChocolate Philosophy – Clear the Club Chocolate in Quest ModeCLASSIC PARTY triathalon – Clear the Club Classic in Quest ModeEdge of Control – Clear the Club Edge in Quest ModeEdge Of Control / Jondi

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