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1 Mine per loadout500 mine kills (specialist) 1 Primary grenade slot500 marshalls assasinated 1 secondary grenade slot500 generals assasinated Avatar Pack 250 kills totalAvatar Pack 3500 kills totalAvatar Pack 41000 Kills TotalBonus Avatar Pack500 mobile unit killsEnhanced healing speed2000 healing points (specalist)Hacking Device: Speed chipped1000 VC Pointsincreased Strayfur clip, Guided rocket boost1000 kills (demolisher class)instant Detonate: snoopa500 backstabs (Specialist)Kinetic seal:Increased repair efficiency1500 Repair Points (specialist)Only Veterans can handle this kind of languageAll 6 class MedalsOvercharge Power Boost500 headshots (specialist)Projectile Colour – Regal purple bullets3000 Kills TotalProjectile Coulour – Golden bullets1500 Kills TotalQuicker targeting, Quicker Breech1000 kills (sky jockey class)Re-spawn penalty modifier 1/2 reduction4000 Kills TotalRecharger Boost: thermo weapons1000 kills (Thermophile class)Sinurator tank capacity500 Fire Damage kills (specialist)Snoopa. Improved cloaking1000 kills (sneeker class)steadier aim, Nimbler reload1000 kills (long ranger class)Unlock Potty Mouth:To unlock Potty Mouth, beat Chapter X (Multiplayer Campaign).10 hidden lives:In the area where the cheese farm is. Jump around towards the back wall and the B lightbulb will apear. Conker will turn into an anvil, break a wall and the tail there gives 10 extra lives.more kills and cp:In solo play, become the sky jockey and use the steed to fly to the other teams artifact. put ure weapons to machine gun, aim at there mobile units and shoot the the MOBILE UNITS BOARD, not the vehciles. keep shooting until you have disabled it. then keep shooting at it when it is disbled and along line of 5cp will keep apearing. Never To Lose the Bomb Run Mission:To avoid ever losing the Bomb Run mission (according to the time limit), just enter a new area along the path of the designated point. Once you enter a new area, you’ll experience a brief loading scene. Afterwards, you can quit game, re-load it, and you’ll end up in that same area, along with a refreshed time. Repeat as necessary if you’re running out of time.Potty Mouth for Multiplayer:To unlock Potty Mouth on multiplayer and Live, you must complete all three difficulties of Chapter X.Full heal:On part of the army campain, when you have played through the bunker and enter out side near the tank, get in the tank and start moving over the bridges. If you get hit in the tank and lose part of you life go into aim mode (click on move pad) shoot the floor twice and you will regain your health.

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