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Unlock Free Run mode, Free Run Twin mode, Credits options:Finish the game once.Unlock Face-off mode against the Roadster:Finish championship mode onceUnlock Bus: Beat the bus in Face Off fourUnlock Roadster: Beat the Roadster in Face Off modeUnlock Saloon GT: Beat the Saloon GT in Face Off threeGet Full bonus:Drive a lap without a single accidentsUnlock Towtruck:Play in championship mode and unlock Face Off Two,after beat the Towtruck once.Unlock Survival mode:Finish the Big Run GP to get access to survival mode. Face Off 3 option:Finish the Savage Streets GP Tournament to get access to the Face Off 3 option.Face Off 4 option:Finish the USA Marathon Tournament to get access to the Face Off 4 option. Journeyman GP option:Finish Face Off 1 to get access to the Journeyman GP option. Face Off 2 option:Finish the Big Run GP to get access to th Face Off 2 option. Boost at start:Press accelerate right before the “1” fades during the countdown.

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