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Skip the Dumpster/Crate puzzle in L`Hierogliphe:In the part of the game where you are playing as George outside of L’Hierogliphe, you come to another crate challenge. Normally you would move the crate to certain part on the wall, close the dumpster from the crate, climb on the dumpster, and climb through the window to get inside. Well, I found a much easier way to get inside without doing that puzzle.1. Enter the area with the arch.2. Drag the crate to opposite wall of the wall with the dumpster.3. Push the crate to the eastern corner of this wall. The crate will be next to a pillar.4. Get on top of the crate.5. From the top of the crate walk into the pillar.6. You will actually go inside the wall!7. You will no longer see George, but try to move him along the wall. You will be able to tell if he’s moving, because the screen will move with him.8. Everytime the ”climb up” or ”climb down” button appears, hit it.9. Eventually the screen will move inside the building and you will see George walk out of the wall.

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