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A Question Of Faith level: Standing dead man:
In the fourth chapter (A Question Of Faith) is a man and woman standing in the mist and talking about glyph energy and its amazing properties. When you find them, turn into Mist and stand behind the man without being seen. Make sure there is also a skull above his head. Wait until the woman is about to talk about how her workers are afraid of being around glyph energy. When she is about to say that, quickly use the one hit kill with your claws on the man. He will die and not fall over. You can also drain his blood as normal, and he still will not fall.

Canyons level: Get in train:
There is a part where a train goes around on a circular track. There is a man in a small shack that you can charm. Make him pull the switch on the wall and the train will come out of a shed. Then, stand back a bit, charm the man again, and make him pull the switch. Quickly run to the shed where the train came out, and you can go in it. If you walk through it, you will be in a place that has a ledge.

Cheat Mode:
Press White, Black, L, R, X, B, Y at the main menu. A voice will say “Go cheese” to confirm correct code entry. Start a new game to begin with the Soul Reaver and Iron Armor. Press Black, White, L, R, X, B, Y at the main menu to get the Iron Armor.

Deafeting the Sarafan lord:
In the first third of the fight all you have to do is you your telekinese to hit him of balance and then select jump and target him then press b. In the second third of the fight all you SHOULD DO is block until your rage bar is at full the attack him with IMMOLATE. Continue that proces until cinamatic. In the last third all you have to is attack him with fury and berserk. Attacking him with Immolate wont work any more. Once you kill him the game is over.

Defeating Faustus:
At first, you are in a small circle room with two doors. All you have to do is face the Boss and hold Attack Block. Wait for him to attack. He has four different types. In the first, he does a five or six hit combo. In the second, he can punch, then kick. In the third, he will just kick. In the fourth, he jumps back with a red glow and lunges forward. When he uses his first type of attack, wait until he punches a third time, then release your block and attack. Repeat this about five times to continue. In the next room you must use the mist form to sneak up to the furnace and burn him. To do this, you must first find the two furnaces with fog in front of them. They are on opposing sides. When you first enter the room, one is to the left and the other is to the right. Run around until he jumps to one of the two, then sneak to the corner and turn mist on. Slowly walk to the switch and fry him. Finally, he will jump around and lunge at you. Just run around until he lunges. This will cause him to eventually fall. Run up to him and use a combo. This must be done about three or four times in order to defeat him. Keep blocking and sidestepping his attacks while finding open spots for attack until you get about one quarter of his life down. Then, he will run off and enter a room will large heaters and mist around them. When Faustus jumps on to a heater, proceed towards the beginning of the mist trail that leads to the heater and pull the switch to hurt him. Keep repeating this procedure until he jumps up on to a chain, then run to a corner of the room and stay there until Faustus jumps down . He will now try to jump and kick you from far away. If you sidestep his attack, he will hit the wall and will be vulnerable for a few seconds. Keep repeating this until he is dead. The easiest way to defeat Faustus is to block until your Fury bar glows and hit him with that. Dodge every time you see him try to use a glyph attack. It only takes two Fury hits to get him to go to the furnace room. Load up the Mist glyph and head to a steam spot immediately. You should be able to turn on the furnaces without taking too much damage running from steam spot to steam spot. Once he gets burned and starts running around the rafters, just run around the edges of the room until you hear him drop down. Try to be near a corner or wall. Wait for him to jump at you, then jump or dodge his attack. Once he hits the wall, he will be stunned. You can hit him with a good combo before he jumps back up to the rafters. Repeat this two or three times and he will die quickly. At the start, equip your Fury power. Block his combos, and back up when you see him charge up with a red attack (which is unblockable). Try to get some hits in, then use Fury when it is charged up. You will then enter a room with four furnaces. Conveniently, one furnace has mist that flows close to the center of the room. Chase him around until he is on top of that furnace. Then, without getting too close to it, use the Mist power, and activate the furnace. You will need to do this about three to four times. Finally, he will jump up into the ceiling and strike you when he comes down. Keep running close to the walls, and he will run into them. Attack him when he recovers. Keep this up until he is defeated.

Defeating Magnus:
Magnus is fairly simple to defeat. When he is standing in the middle of the giant fountain that is surrounded by statues, run and hide behind the closest one. He will try to burn you, but will hit the statue. Jump out and shoot him with Telekinesis very quickly. Once he falls into the water, run behind the next statue until he tries to burn you again and repeat the process until he leaves. It should only take three times. In the next room you will see giant statues holding scythes. Magnus cannot burn you anymore, but he will charge into you. Do not bother hitting him. It does not do any good. Get in front of one of these statues and get him to charge you. When he does, dodge him and he will run into the scythe, breaking it. Once it breaks, you will see a glowing telekinetic switch. Jump onto one of the boulders or platforms so Magnus cannot get you, and shoot the switch. The statue will open its arms. Do that to all of the statues and the gigantic statue in the middle of the room will be put back together. Get Magnus to charge into the base of the weapon that the statue is holding the same way as before. When it breaks, make him charge into the base until the statue falls and crushes him. Just stand next to it and shoot Magnus with Telekinesis. That should make him charge you. When you are fighting Mangus, it is a lot easier if you just grab him and throw him into the giant statues holding scythes. Even if you miss with the throw, he can still bump into them when he is getting up, and they will still break.

Defeating Marcus:
You will fight Marcus in a cathedral, on the bottom floor first. On the left and right sides of the room are switches, one on each side. These switches activate bells which disrupt Marcus’ concentration and leave him vulnerable for a short time. Hit one switch, then run to the other switch, hitting Marcus on the way. Continue this until his “puppets” disable the bells. Go up to the second floor. Marcus will just run around until you kill him. Use the jump ability to alternate between sides, hitting him on the way. Once he dies, you obtain the Charm ability.
Just hit the bell switches and hit him when he is stunned. When his puppets disable the bell, you can still ring it by jumping into it. He is easier to locate that way. Then, just run around killing enemies while hacking up Marcus, occasionally ringing the bell. You can avoid the puppets altogether, but you will want to build up your Lore bar as much as possible. To defeat Marcus follow the previous strategies until his “puppets” break the bells. After this happens, chase Marcus until you run into his “puppets”. Kill the puppets, increasing your Lore and Blood bar. He will be on the same floor as his “puppets” — this will help you learn where his next minion is located. When you find him, use combos repeatedly until he loses. Chase him into the room that has two switches on each side. Once there, run to a switch and use it to ring the church bells. This will momentarily paralyze Marcus. Attack him with combos and the Fury power. When he recovers, run to the switch on the other side and ring the bell again. Continue to do this until he summons the bishops. Run upstairs and attack the guard, gaining any lost blood and weapons. He will be invisible, but will occasionally reappear. When he does, chase him, then attack him. You can still hurt him while he is invisible. He will summon more guards, but will be defeated before long.

Defeating the big mosquitoes:
In almost every scene, the enemies have boundaries that they cannot cross. If you find these boundaries, the mosquitoes will be waiting on the opposite side for you to cross back over. Use the jump attack by jumping over and kicking them. Then, before they recover, run back over the boundary line. After four kicks the mosquitoes will die. It is more difficult when there are two waiting for you, but can still be done.

How To Beat Sebastian:
Sebastian is one of the most complicated vampire enemies you will encounter, this is because he has 4 different stages. At the start, on his first form he will attack you and attempt to push you into the steam that is rotating around the arena. Block all his attacks and use fury to knock him into the steam, after that he will run straight at you very fast and do a special attack, you can tell this by the red glow his legs have when he moves. You can dodge this by jumping out of the way. Keep repeating the same system until he jumps up and runs around the arena, this is the second stage, the best thing to do is stay out of the middle as a beam will come down, follow behind the steam until you see Sebastian stop, at that very moment run opposite him so that the beam is blocking sebastian when he tries to jump and attack you, you will need to do this three times. In his third stage Sebastian wil attempt to destroy the componant that is spinning around above you. When the floor raises jump onto it, Sebastian will jump down, from there charm the little helper in the window and make him pull the lever, then Sebastian will jump onto the platform with you and he will start the fourth and final stage. In this stage simply keep whacking him until you get a chance to pick him up by the throat, then for the best bit, throw him into the steam that is constantly below you! After that is the end of Sebastian and you will see a movie clip.

Instant death attack:
To do an instant death attack, you must have mist in the area of the person. Enter the mist using your dark skill ability “Mist”, then sneak up behind them. A skull will appear. Use this time to attack and you will cause instant death to the enemy. Please note: If you run into the front of the person, they will immediately attack.

Raising Kain’s lure:
When you encounter a save point, avoid it. Instead, first kill all the enemies ahead. After your satisfied with the amount of enemies you have killed, backtrack to the save point that was skipped and hit it. The game records your current lure level at this point. Next, after the save point is hit, kill yourself. Therefore when you regenerate at the save point, you will have the same amount of lure. All the enemies that you already killed are back. Kill them again and get even more lure. The Relic Boxes also work in the same way.

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