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Cheat Mode:
Turn off the ‘Arcade Magic’ option if it is enabled. Press X to cast a spell, then enter one of the following series of runes. Enabling some codes may not allow the game to continue normally.

Unlimited Hp:
Cast ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Kaom’.

Character At Level 10, 30 Stat Points, 200 Skill Points:
Cast ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Vitae’.

Character At Level 0, Default Stats And Skills, No Runes:
Cast ‘Nhi’, ‘Nhi’, ‘Nhi’, ‘Nhi’, ‘Nhi’, ‘Vitae’.

Reveal Map:
Cast ‘Nhi’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Aam’, ‘Nhi’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Aam’.

Fire Bow:
Cast ‘Spacium’, ‘Aam’, ‘Mega’, ‘Spacium’, ‘Aam’, ‘Mega’.

Power Sword:
Cast ‘Mega’, ‘Aam’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Rhaa’.

Disable Wall Collisions:
Cast ‘Mega’, ‘Tera’, ‘Mega’, ‘Tera’.

Summon Perfect Warrior For A Challenge:
Cast ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Mega’, ‘Aam’, ‘Vitae’, ‘Tera’.

Big Head:
Cast ‘Mega’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Mega’, ‘Rhaa’, ‘Mega’, ‘Rhaa’.

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