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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKKnight (5 points) – Reach wave 3 Evolved game on Normal difficulty.Baron (10 points) – Reach level 2 Classic game on Normal difficulty.Viscount (10 points) – Score 10000 team points 2-Player Classic game on Normal difficulty.Earl (10 points) – Win a round 4-Player Classic game on Normal difficulty.Maniac (15 points) – Reach level 2 Classic game in Throttle Monkey mode.Marquess (10 points) – Reach wave 5 Local 2-Player Evolved Game on Normal difficulty.Duke (10 points) – Have 4 balls of your colour in play Evolved game on Normal difficulty.Prince (20 points) – Win a wave without exposing your king Evolved game in an Xbox Live ranked match.Elector (20 points) – Defeat all 3 opponents Evolved game in an Xbox Live Ranked Multiplayer match.Archduke (25 points) – Score 50000 points Classic game on Normal difficulty.King (30 points) – Score 500000 points Evolved game on Normal difficulty.Emperor (30 points) – Win a wave without losing any of your wall Evolved game on Normal difficulty.

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