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Challenge map 2:To unlock Challenge map 2, at the main menu, hold LB and press A(2), B, A. A sound will play if entered correctly.Don’s big head goodie:To unlock Don’s big head goodie, at the main menu, hold LB and press B, Y, A, X . A sound will play if entered correctly.How to defeat the Shredder:To defeat the real shredder, ignore the shredder clones and fight the real shredder. The real shredder will just stand there while his clones attack you. Use Don’s team move on him which shock enemies nearby. He will not be able to attack after you shock him. Then, change to Raphael attack the shredder until he recovers. Repeat this strategy until he is defeated.Building relationships:After reaching the level where you can use all four turtles at once, you must start building a relationship with your brothers. To do this, take turns using your brother throw with the different turtles. Successfully executing a brother throw will build your relationship.To get an “A” in working with your brothers, use the turtle’s special move while fighting and continue fighting until more enemies appear. Switch turtles and use their special moves until all enemies have been defeated.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKMystical Jungle (20 points) – Beat level 1.Vigilantism (24 points) – Beat level 2.Techno Ninjutsu (28 points) – Beat level 3.Cowabunga Carl Getaway (32 points) – Beat level 4.Spirit of the Forest (36 points) – Beat level 5.Ninja Tag Time (40 points) – Beat level 6.The Game is the Foot (44 points) – Beat level 7.Foot trail (48 points) – Beat level 8.Tower Power (52 points) – Beat level 9.When the slime comes (56 points) – Beat level 10.O brother where art thou (60 points) – Beat level 11.Bite me! (64 points) – Beat level 12.All is Forgiven (68 points) – Beat level 13.Ninjas in the crypt (72 points) – Beat level 14.The Mysterious Leader (76 points) – Beat level 15.Winter’s Secret (80 points) – Beat level 16.Get your first coin (15 points) – Get your first coin.Family Unit (15 points) – Do a co-op move combination attack.Used Mike’s Special Move (30 points) – Used Mike’s special move.Used Raph’s Special Move (30 points) – Used Raph’s special move.Used Leo’s Special Move (30 points) – Used Leo’s special move.Used Don’s Special Move (30 points) – Used Don’s special move.Clean Sweep (50 points) – Beat a level without taking damage.

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