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Increase Ship Defense/Offense:To unlock the Kobayashi Maru Achievement which increases your ships Defense and Offense, at the beginning of a Single-Player Death Match press START then enter this code: LT, Y, X(2), Y, RT.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAcademy Graduate (5 points) – Earn 1 kill with each ship class.Red Shirt (5 points) – Be the first to die in a Versus multiplayer match.Imperial Instincts (10 points) – Earn 25 cumulative point captures in Conquest.Bridge Commander (15 points) – Earn 250 cumulative kills in Team Deathmatch.Mirror, Mirror (10 points) – Capture a point with the aid of your own wingman.Born Leader (15 points) – Capture all 4 points in a single Assault match.NCC-1701 (20 points) – Earn 250,000 points as the Flagship class in one Team Deathmatch game.No Mercy (20 points) – Earn 50 cumulative Escape Pod kills.Starfleet Medal of Honor (30 points) – No deaths or ejections, plus at least 15 kills, in one match.Vulcan Wisdom (25 points) – Don’t die or shoot, yet capture 3 points including the enemy base in a Conquest match.Nero’s Rage (25 points) – Destroy 3 enemies while using a single invulnerability powerup. Kobayashi Maru (20 points) – Activate the Kobayashi Maru cheat.”D-A-C – Deluxe Edition” achievementsACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKDreadnought (15 points) – Destroy all 5 ship classes plus 1 escape pod using the Missile Cruiser in Versus. Captain on the Bridge (20 points) – Earn the Captain rank in Survival mode.

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