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Cheat Codes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the specified screen:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODE10,000 Gold Coins – Press Up(2), Down, Up, Right, Left at the gift shop.Secret Costume 1 – Press Left(2), Up, Right(2), Up, Left at the main menu.Mark MacDonald of National Geographic Kids via choicefresh Secret Costume 2 – Press Right(2), Down, Left(2), Up, Right at the main menu.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKSpoon Fed Ogre (30 points) – Beat the game in Charming Difficulty.Glorious Liege (80 points) – Beat the game in Grimm Difficulty.Hail to the King! (60 points) – Beat all 20 missionsof the game for the first time in any difficulty.Questing Rookie (40 points) – Beat 33% of the Challenge Quests in the game.Questing Fiend (50 points) – Beat 66% of the Challenge Quests in the game.Questing Ogre (80 points) – Beat all the Challenge Quests in the game.For the Fridge (30 points) – Collect 33% of Coloring Book Pages in the game.Upstart Artist (40 points) – Collect 66% of Coloring BookPages in the game.Art Collector (50 points) – Collect 100% of Coloring Book Pages in the game.The Finisher (50 points) – Perform 100 finishing moves.The Juggler (40 points) – Launch 50 Enemies into the air then catch them with Shrek.Survivor Shrek (60 points) – Achieve a Perfect on every level on Normal difficulty or higher.Super Ogre (30 points) – Use Super Ogre Power 5 times with Shrek or Fiona.Novice Collector (30 points) – Collect 33% of all Souvenir Mugs in the game.Amateur Collector (40 points) – Collect 66% Souvenir Mugs in the game.Master Collector (50 points) – Collect all Souvenir Mugs in the game.Ice Dragon Tamer (30 points) – Defeat the Ice Dragon on Normal difficulty or higher.Music Critic (30 points) – Defeat Captain Hook on Normal difficulty or higher.Upstaged Charming (30 points) – Defeat Prince Charming on Normal difficulty or higher.The Collector (60 points) – Beat all of The Collector series of quests.Super Ogre Power Extreme (60 points) – Use Super Ogre Power 10 times with any character.Ogre Smash! (30 points) – Use Fairy Dust Attack 50 times with any character.?

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