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Kojiro Sasaki’s fourth weapon:
To unlock Kojiro’s fourth weapon, in his fourth stage you must get 300
kills while killing all Vagabonds, help the Ieyasu retreat, kill
Hideyori, and reach the southeastern gate within ten minutes. To
accomplish you will need a fast horse and Kojiro must have a high level.
Perform the following steps to unlock it:

1. At the start of the fourth stage, kill all Vagabonds around Ieyasu.
2. Go back and clear the escape point.
3. Kill one of the Vagabonds that appear which will cause six more to
appear; kill them.
4. Wait for Hideyori to spawn in the southeastern maze-like area and
kill him. Go to the southeastern gate.
5. Musashi will apppear and you will be able to get the fourth weapon.
Get the fourth weapon before killing Musashi.

Fourth and fifth weapon hints:
To view hints as on how to obtain the fourth and fifth weapons for
different characters, go to “Main Menu”

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