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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKHome Rentals (20 points) – Play 10 games.Video Store Clerk (30 points) – Play 15 games.Short Film (10 points) – Play a Short Game.Background Artist (25 points) – Score more than 200,000 points in a Short Game.Bit Part (10 points) – Score 60,000 points in a Short Game.Supporting Role (20 points) – Score 100,000 points in a Short Game.Epic Feature (10 points) – Play a Long Game.Lead Role (25 points) – Score more than 400,000 points in a Long Game.Star (20 points) – Score 100,000 points in a Long Game.Award-Winning Performance (10 points) – Score 200,000 points in a Long Game.Director (20 points) – Get 10 questions correct in a row in any game mode.Producer (40 points) – Get 15 questions correct in a row in any game mode.Soliloquist (20 points) – Correctly answer every Pop Quiz or Hint Parade question in one Puzzle Block.Casting Call (15 points) – Play a full game with each avatar.Shy Starlet (10 points) – Finish a game with 2 unused Star points.Cameo Appearance (25 points) – Answer one question correctly from every puzzle type.Mise-en-Scene (20 points) – Correctly answer every Now Playing or Pictogram question in one Puzzle Block.Reviewing the Dailies (20 points) – Correctly answer every Movie Clip question in one Puzzle Block.Flash Forward (20 points) – Correctly answer every Credit Roll or Quotables question in one Puzzle Block.Multiple Exposure (20 points) – Correctly answer every question in Final Cut.Method Acting (20 points) – Correctly answer every Who Am I or Celebrity Ties question in one Puzzle Block.Working Title (20 points) – Correctly answer every Anagram or Pictogram question in one Puzzle Block.Dialect Coach (20 points) – Correctly answer every Soundclip or Songs

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