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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKTake That, Winters! (40 points) – Gain a Gold Star in All Training Missions. Helping hands (5 points) – Complete Your First Local Multiplayer Game. Taste of Victory (5 points) – Win an Xbox LIVE Game. Welcome to the Faction (5 points) – Gain Your First Rank. The Skills to Pay the Bills (15 points) – Unlock All of the Training Missions. Bling (20 points) – Gain a Gold Badge in 5 Player Awards. The Running Man (10 points) – Earn a Gold Star in a Survival Training Mission Without Using Any Weapons. Going Up in the World (15 points) – Get To Rank 10. Faction Leader (50 points) – Get To Rank 20. The Black Hole (15 points) – Kill All Other Players With The Singularity Bomb in a 4 Player Xbox LIVE Game. Total Carnage (10 points) – Kill 5 Opponents in a Row Without Dying in an Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Game. Scrap Metal (10 points) – Get a Quad Kill in the Training Missions.

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