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Railgun Spiral option:To unlock the Railgun Spiral, defeat Xaero, the final Boss in Campaign mode. An option to toggle the Railgun Spiral will appear at the “Player Settings” menu.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLCOCKI Can Win (15 points) – Won 5 ranked matches. Weapons Expert (10 points) – Fragged an opponent with each weapon. Lord of the Arena (20 points) – Defeated Xaero in Campaign Mode. Gladiator (20 points) – Fragged 1000 opponents. This is Stroggos!! (10 points) – Knocked someone to their death. Flag Runner (10 points) – Captured 3 flags in one match. First Frag (5 points) – Got a frag. Way to go! Arena Eternal (40 points) – Played in 500 multiplayer matches. Hardcore (30 points) – Conquered the universe. Ultimate Humiliation (15 points) – Humiliated an opponent carrying the Quad Damage. Collect ‘Em All (15 points) – Picked up one of every item. You’re Comin’ With Me (10 points) – Fragged someone after dying, before respawning.?

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