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Geometry Wars mini-games:To play the Geometry Wars 1 and 2 mini-games, go to view cars and walk to the back of the garage to find them.Leave boundaries in Photo mode:To leave the boundaries in Photo mode, beat a race and then save the replay. Load the replay and select “Restart”. Press “Pause” on the tool bar. Choose the “Drive Past Cam” camera view. Wait until the replay moves the “Drive Past Cam” out of the track boundary and then select “Pause” on the toolbar. Then, select “Photo mode”. You will be able to move the camera freely, outside of the track boundary. Once you move back inside the boundary, you will be stuck inside again. You can move through solid objects and see unfinished areas with this trick.Easy Pro Racer Badges:To easily get Pro Racer Badges, beat an event on Hardcore difficulty. Then, change to manual transmission and beat it on Novice difficulty. The game will think you have beaten it on Hardcore difficulty and award you the Badge.Easy online career Badges:To easily get online career badges, at the start of a race, unplug your Ethernet cable and then quickly plug it back in. It should display a message stating that all other racers have quit. Continue the race by yourself. Note: You will drop one league each time your perform this trick.Easy Kudos:The best cars are the McLaren F1 LM, Elfin GS300 and Murcielago. They have very good handling, keep executing E-Brake slides around corners. Since these cars are very fast, the rating “Gutsy” or “Screaming” should work. The highest possible amount to get is at least 11,000 to 13,000 Kudos.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKArcade Player (15 points) – Play the Geometry Wars 1 and 2 mini-games in the garage.Bronze Champion (50 points) – Beat all championships at the Bronze level.Exotic Car Club (45 points) – Own the McLaren F1 LM, Shelby GT 500, Ford GT-40 MK 1, Corvette ZR1, TVR Cerbera Speed Twelve, RUF CTR “Yellow Bird”, and Callaway Sledgehammer Twin Turbo.Ferrari Owners Club (45 points) – Own every Ferrari model.Gold Champion (75 points) – Beat all championships at the Gold level.Gotham Hero (30 points) – Get featured on Gotham TV.Gotham TV Sports Fan (15 points) – Watch Gotham TV ten times and save a replay of a race.Lamborghini Owners Club (45 points) – Own every Lamborghini model.Online Professional (60 points) – Participate in fifty online races, start first, finish last, have a 3-event winning streak, have a clean race, and win each scenario.Photographer (10 points) – Save a picture in each city.Platinum Champion (100 points) – Beat all championships at the Platinum level.Pro Racer Badge (60 points) – Earn the “Platinum” medal using a manual transmission.Race Against The Clock (50 points) – Set a lap time for all circuits in Race Against The Clock mode.Rank 1 (80 points) – Reach Rank 1.Rank 5 (50 points) – Reach Rank 5.Rank 10 (20 points) – Reach Rank 10.Silver Champion (60 points) – Beat all championships at the Silver level.Steel Champion (30 points) – Beat all championships at the Steel level.Style Racer Badge (50 points) – Get a 25m powerslide, 10x combo, 25,000 Online Kudos; 1,00 Kudos in a race, and Kudos for each maneuver.Track Builder (10 points) – Create and save ten custom routes.

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