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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAlien Technology (10 points) – Collect at least five artifacts on the Agents pinball table.Angel (15 points) – Do a plus Airwalk free trick during any competition on the Extreme pinball table.Elite Operative (15 points) – Complete a Hurry Up mode within 20 seconds on the Agents pinball table.Emerald Flasher (10 points) – Score enough to earn your first Extra Ball.First Aid Kit (10 points) – Complete the Bungee Jumping game on the Extreme pinball table.Good Luck (10 points) – Earn 2 Million points on any pinball table.Mr. Falcon (30 points) – Win the State Championship on the Extreme pinball table.Multi-tasker (10 points) – Start any of the multi-ball modes.Platinum Cylinders (10 points) – Complete the Overheat Hurry Up mode on the Speed Machine pinball table.Professional (30 points) – Win the Final Confrontation game mode on the Agents pinball table.Speed Demon (30 points) – Win the Wizard Tournament on the Speed Machine pinball table.Sweet Ride (20 points) – Collect at least two tunings on the Speed Machine pinball table.”Buccaneer Table” achievementsACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBall Madness (10 points) – Activate the Frenzy mode on Buccaneer to complete Ball Madness. “Nightmare Mansion Table” achievementsACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKMonster Hunter (20 points) – You have explored the deepest cellars of Nightmare Mansion (shoot the skull in the cellar as hard as you can). “Rocky And Bullwinkle Table” achievementsACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKTrue Friend (20 points) – Obtain the special award by rotating the spinner 300 times on the Rocky and Bullwinkle table!

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