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Easy Meseta:To easily gain Meseta, go to the Flyer base on Planet Parum. Look through every item until you find a gun that is basically a monster on a rope. It shoots comets but has low accuracy. It can be sold for 32,000 Meseta.More easy Meseta:To easily gain Meseta, after you reach a high enough level, go the the Synthesize shop and purchase the Muktrand Board. Go to your room and insert the Board to your Mag. For “???”, use the Photon. This will increase your chances of getting the Muktrand. Take the item out. It will almost always be the Muktrand which can be sold for 392,000 Meseta.Achievements:Slterazgohg Slayer (40 points) – Defeat Slterazgohg.De Rol Le Slayer (40 points) – Defeat De Rol Le.Mother Brain Slayer (50 points) – Defeat Mother Brain. Dark Falz Slayer (60 points) – Defeat the Boss in the Maximum Attack G event (M.A.G.).

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