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Supernova mode:To unlock Supernova mode, complete the game.Hot Dog car:To unlock the Hot Dog car for use in Free Play mode, in Level 2 while in Career mode, jump to the blue orb. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKDevastate (15 points) – Win a Wrecking Ball event without being wasted. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.Navigate (15 points) – Win a Beacon Blast and get 7 Beacons in a row. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.Transcend (15 points) – Win a Human Race a lap ahead. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.Evasion (15 points) – Win a Hounded event without anybody else being The Hounded. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.Endurance (15 points) – Win a Survivor event with maximum health. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.Cohesion (15 points) – Win a Bot Hunt without a Bot ever getting a shot at you. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.Momentum (5 points) – Successfully negotiate a loop-the-loop.Ascend (20 points) – Reach 200m above the ground.Augment (20 points) – Find all hidden pickups to win all the secret cars.Velocity (20 points) – Travel at over 350mph.Supremacy (20 points) – Beat career mode.Dominion (25 points) – Beat SuperNova mode.

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