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Easier prospect drafting:To get a high ranking when creating a prospect, make his home state the same state as your teams.Hurdles tip:When playing your rival, the tacklers will go for your legs. Use hurdles often against your rivals.Statue of Liberty play:To perform the Statue of Liberty play, using Boise State’s offensive playbook go to I Form-Normal and select “Statue”.Hook and Lateral play:To perform the Hook and Lateral play, using Boise State’s offensive playbook go to Hail Mary and select “Circus”.Hidden endzone lines:Do the following to make snow cover the endzone lines by the second quarter. In
Play Now mode set the game length to fifteen minutes, weather to
overcast cloudy, precipitation to high, and temperature to -20 degrees.Avoid excessive celebration penalties:If you think that you are about to be given a penalty for excessive celebration, then simply pause and resume the game.Two balls on field glitch:Run
from inside your own 20 and run the next play. View the instant replay
and look behind to sometimes see another ball on the field.Use injured players:To use injured players in
Dynasty Mode, start the game and play through the first kickoff. Pause
and restart the game. Your injured players can now play.
Accomplishment trophies:Unlock the following accomplishment trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:ACCOMPLISHMENT TROPHY – HOW TO UNLOCKAT

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