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Automatic level 10 weapon:Complete all online Co-Op Survival mode levels to unlock an automatic level 10 weapon that boosts all stats if your character is level 10.Detect Quick Time Event:Press Start to pause game play during a cinematic. Press Back to skip the cinematic. If you are not allowed to skip the sequence, a Quick Time Event will soon start.King of Nights (Final Boss) strategy:Defeating the last boss of N3 is much easier by doing the following:1. Increase Inphyy’s level to nine for her final attack.2. Obtain the accessory “Deadly Armband” as a randomly dropped item from various Army of the Night enemies.3. A strong weapon. The Klausorus is an award for S rank in Inphyy’s Eauvarria Mountain Pursuit.4. Do Inphyy’s final attack move (GREEN, GREEN, YELLOW) on the boss when it is distracted and dash to evade all counter attacks.5. As a safety net, consider equipping the accessory “Demon Gloves” if necessary.Tutorial weapon hint:When playing the tutorial stage, check every treasure chest in sight for a Prominence weapon. Although you need to increase Inphyy’s level to equip it, this is the only method to unlock this sword before doing Inphyy’s campaign.Cursing yourself for higher combos:Performing higher combos will unlock more powerful weapons. You can unlock the aegis charm 4, which raises your defense up by 80%, as well as the the Royal Flag (50% range attack

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