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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKLooking Cool (10 points) – Customize your vehicle or rider. No Help Needed (20 points) – Earn a podium on Xbox LIVE with assists turned off. Cover the Bases (20 points) – Finish at least one race at each track. On the Edge (20 points) – Save 35 wrecks using wreck avoidance. True Skills (10 points) – Change your Rider Skills. On the Right Track (20 points) – Finish a race without going off track. Inverted (10 points) – Land a backflip. Gone Shopping (10 points) – Visit the MotoClub Depot. Bully (30 points) – Complete 50 overtakes using bar banging. Front Runner (40 points) – Win 35 races online. That Was Close (30 points) – Save 100 wrecks using wreck avoidance. Rollerball (30 points) – Complete 5 overtakes with bar banging in a race. High Miles (20 points) – Ride for over 100 miles in Free Ride. Medal Chaser (20 points) – Win a Gold medal in a Free Ride Challenge. Challenger (20 points) – Earn a medal in a Free Ride Challenge. Testing the Waters (20 points) – Hydroplane over 120 feet of water. Play Rides (25 points) – Find the bonus vehicle in all of the Free Ride events. Fast Lap (20 points) – Capture a record lap time. Top of the Line (20 points) – Own a 3 star MX or ATV. Bragging Rights (20 points) – Beat a friend’s record in a Free Ride Challenge. World Class (15 points) – Finish 50 races on Xbox LIVE. Ouch (15 points) – Wreck 50 times. Green to Checkers (10 points) – Get the holeshot and win a race. Getting Known (10 points) – Reach Rider XP Level 2 and meet James Stewart. Create an Image (10 points) – Almost Amateur, Reach Rider XP Level 6 and make a name for yourself. Showtime (20 points) – Pull off 100 stunts. Radical Dude (15 points) – Win the race and do a 360 over the finish line jump. All Around Talent (30 points) – Achieve every level 1 Race Goal. Level Headed (10 points) – Reach Amateur Status at Rider XP Level 10. Record Chaser (100 points) – Reach Rider XP level 50, chasing records is all that is left. Be the Star (20 points) – Win a race with the James Stewart character. New Hero, for Now (30 points) – Defeat James Stewart in a race. Racing Forward (15 points) – Almost Pro, Reach Rider XP level 18. It’s On (25 points) – Welcome to the big leagues, it’s time to race James Stewart, Pro Rider XP level 25. Getting Comfortable (15 points) – Earn a podium 3 races in a row. Off and Racing (10 points) – Finish a race. Hot Streak (50 points) – Win 5 races in a row. Factory Garage (20 points) – Own a 3 star vehicle for each class. Podium Pro (30 points) – Earn a podium on each track. MotoSport Holeshot King (25 points) – Capture 3 MotoSport holeshots in a row. Free Ride Pro (30 points) – Get at least a silver in all the Challenges in a Free Ride event. Underdog (15 points) – Beat a rider with a higher Rider XP than you. Greatest of All Time (40 points) – Win a race at every track. YeeeeHawww (10 points) – Pull a wheelie over 150 feet. When It Counts (15 points) – Win a race after not leading until the last lap.

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