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Character moves/fatalities:BarakaFatality 1: back, forward, down, forward, squareFatality 2: forward, forward, down, down, XPro moves:Chop Chop Blades into Scrape Kick: back(2), X, forward(2), triangle.Super moves:Sharp Spark – down, back, hold squareScrape Kick – forward(2), triangleChop Chop Blades – back(2), XBlade Cyclone – down, forward, OBatmanHeroic Brutality 1 – down, back, forward, forward, OHeroic Brutality 2 – down, down, down, up, XPro moves:Double Batarang – down, forward, square, down, back, triangleSuper moves:Smoke Capsule – down, back, triangleBatarang – down, forward, squareLeaping Shadow Kick – down, forward, OLeg Take Down – down, back, OSneaky Batarang – down, back, squareDark Absorption – back(2), triangleSmoke Escape – down, back, XCaptain MarvelHeroic Brutality 1 – down, forward, back, forward, squareHeroic Brutality 2 – down, back, down, forward, trianglePro moves:Power of Zeus Extended – down, back, square, forward, triangleMercury Bear Hug Throw – back, forward, O, triangleSuper moves:Solomon Escape – down, back, OStrength of Hercules – back, forward, triangleAtlas Clap – down, back, trianglePower of Zeus – down, back, squareAchilles Bolt – down, back, XMercury Bear Hug – back, forward, OCatwomanFatality 1 – down, back, down, forward, triangleFatality 2 – forward, back, forward, back, OPro moves:Whip Sting, Lasso Grip – down, back, square. Then, back, forward, triangleWhip Sting, Kitty Surprise – down, back, square. Then, back, forward, XPounce Grab into Whip Crack – back, forward, O, back, forward, squareSuper moves:Whip Sting: down, back, squareLasso Grip: back, forward, triangleKitty Surprise – back, forward, XRaging Cat – back, forward, OSomersaulting Fever – down, forward, XNine Lives – down, back, ODarkseidPro moves:Omega Force With Head Smash – down, back, X. When he lands press square triangle.Double Anti-Air Omega Beam – back(2), triangle. After beam hits, press back(2), square. Upward Eye Laser into Straight Eye Laser – back(2), square, back(2), triangleSuper moves:Omega Beam – back(2), squareAnti-Air Omega Beam – back(2), triangleOmega Tremor – down(2), OOmega Knee – back, forward, OOmega Force – down, back, XDeathstrokeFatality 1 – toward, toward, down, toward, triangleFatality 2 – toward, down, back, forward, squarePro moves:Double Pistol Shot – back, forward, square, back, forward, squareSuper moves:Close Flash Bomb – down(2), XFar Flash Bomb – down(2), OPistol Shot – back, forward, squareLunging Stab – back, forward, triangleStomach Stab – down, forward, squareThe FlashHeroic Brutality 1 – back, back, forward, forward, OHeroic Brutality 2 – down, forward, down, back, down, forward, XPro moves:Teleport Uppercut, Super Uppercut – down, back, square, down, back, triangleLike the Wind, Teleport Uppercut – triangle(2), square, down, back, OLike the Wind, Super Uppercut – triangle(2), square, down, back, triangleTeleport Flurry Into Throw – down, back, square, LBSuper moves:Fast Escape – down, back, XSuper Uppercut – down, back, triangleTeleport Uppercut – down, back, OAround The World – back, forward, OFlurry Punch – back, forward, triangleTeleport Flurry – down, back, squareGreen LanternHeroic Brutality 1 – forward, back, down, back, XHeroic Brutality 2 – back, forward, down, down, OPro moves:Triple Overhead Hammer – down, back, triangle, down, back, triangle, down, back, triangleSuper moves:Summoned Hand Grip – down, back, squareJustice Grip – down, forward, XStrength of Will – down, back, triangleJudgment Hammer – back(2), XWall Barrier – back, forward, OJaxFatality 1 – back, forward, forward, back, triangleFatality 2 – forward, forward, back, back, XPro moves:Double Rocket Blast – down, back, X, down, back, OPower Fist, Gotcha Grab – down, back, triangle, square, forward(2), triangleGround Pound, Gun Runner – down(2), back(3), squareGotcha Grab – forward(2), triangleSuper moves:Gun Runner – back(2), squarePower Fist – down, back, triangleBlinding Light – down, back, squareRocket Blast – down, back, XDouble Rocket Blast – down, back, X, down, back, OGotcha Grab – forward(2), triangleGround Pound – down(2), OThe JokerFatality 1 – forward, back, forward, squareFatality 2 – back, down, back, toward, trianglePro moves:Gunshot – forward, back, forward, squarePlaying Cards: back, down, back, forward, triangleSurprise Pistol Whip, Joker’s Wild: down, back, O, square, down, back, triangleSurprise Pistol Whip, Funnyman: down, back, O, square, back, down, forward, XSuper moves:Joker’s Wild – down, back, triangleBombs Away: forward(2), OBombs Away Close – forward(2), triangleBombs Away Medium – forward(2), XPut It There Pal – down, back, squareSinister Heels – back, forward, OFunnyman – back, down, forward, XMagic Trick – down, back, O and one of the following:Surprise Pistol Whip: squareSurprise Bomb: triangleSurprise Stomp: XSurprise Slide: OKanoFatality 1 – back, down, back, forward, squareFatality 2 – down, down, forward, back, OPro moves:Kano Ball – back, forward, OKano Up Ball – hold down forward at the top of your jump and press OBrutal Throw – down, forward, square, down, back, triangleSuper moves:Kano Ball – back, forward, OKano Up Ball – down, forward, triangleBrutal Throw – down, forward, squareKnife Toss – down, back, squareParry – down, back, triangleEye Laser – back(2), squareKitanaFatality 1 – back, back, forward, squareFatality 2 – forward, down, down, back, XPro moves:Square Wave Punch into Bladed Fan: down, back, triangle, forward, forward, squareSuper moves:Bladed Fans – forward(2), squareSquare Wave Punch – down, back, triangleRolling Fury – down, forward, OMystical Teleportation – down, back, squareFan Lift – back(2), squareRazor’s Tip – down, forward, triangleLex LuthorFatality 1 – down, forward, down, back, triangleFatality 2 – up, up, up, squarePro moves:Powered Palms, Rocket Boots – down, forward, triangle, back, forward, OLexCorp Rocket, Evasive Maneuver – down, back, X, down, back, OSuper moves:Target Practice – down, back, squarePowered Palms – down, forward, triangleLexCorp Rocket – down, back, XHot Flames – back, forward, XEvasive Maneuver – down, back, ORocket Boots – back, forward, OLiu KangFatality 1 – forward, back, down, down, squareFatality 2 – down, down, forward, down, OPro moves:Bicycle Kick, Flying Dragon Kick – back(2), forward, O, forward(2), triangle – Perform in the middle of bicycle kick.Bicycle Kick, High Dragon Fire – back(2), forward, O, forward(2), square – Perform near the end of Bicycle Kick.RaidenFatality 1 – down, forward, down, up, triangleFatality 2 – back, forward, forward, down, OPro moves:Double Teleport – down, back, X, down, back, XLightning Shock, Teleport – forward(2), triangle, down, back, X – Perform before Raidens hand hits opponent.Vicinity Blast – down, back, triangle, down, back, OSuper moves:Vicinity Blast – down, back, triangleLightning Bolt – down, back, squareProjectile Cancel – down, forwardEnergy Teleport – down, back, XLightning Shock – forward(2), triangleThe Superman – forward(2), OSuper moves:High Dragon Fire – forward(2), squareLow Dragon Fire – forward(2), XFlying Dragon Kick – forward(2), triangleBicycle Kick – back(2), forward, ODragon’s Tail – down, back, O and also one of the following:Spinning Backfist: squareUppercut: triangleZen Trip: XShaolin Spirit: circlScorpionFatality 1: down(x3), OFatality 2: forward(x2), back, down, XPro moves:Double Fiery Teleport – down, back, X, down, back, XAir Teleport into Fiery Teleport – Jump and then press down, back, X. Land and press down, back, X.Super-moves:Spear: back(x2), squareFiery Teleport: down, back, XInner Flames: down(x2), triangleHell Fire: down, back, triangleHellish Slide: down, back, OShang TsungFatality 1 – back, down, forward, XFatality 2 – down, down, forward, forward, trianglePro moves:Multi-Fire – down, back, triangle, X, forward, triangleSlide Launch – down, forward, O, Up, OSuper moves:Skull Fire – back(2), triangleSky Fire – down, back, triangleSlide Launch – down, forward, OSoul Steal – down, back, XHot Escape – down, back, OBody Switch – down, back, forward, squareShao KahnSuper moves:Shoulder Charge – forward(2), ORising Emperor – back, forward, OEnergy Shield – down, back, XPulse Blast – back(2), squareChoke Punch – forward(2), squareHammer Smash – back, forward, triangleSonyaFatality 1 – down, down, back, forward, squareFatality 2 – down, back, forward, forward, OPro moves:Bicycle Kick into Air Bicycle Kick – down, back, O, down, back, ODouble Ring of Doom – down, forward, X, down, forward, XSuper moves:Ring of Doom – down, forward, XDeadly Kiss – down, back, XLeg Grab – back, forward, OBicycle Kick – down, back, OKartwheel Flip – down, forward, XSquare Wave Punch – down, back, triangleSub-ZeroFatality 1: back, back, down, back, OFatality 2: back, toward, down, forward, trianglePro moves:Icy Slide into Tombstone Teleport – back, X, O, down, back, squareTombstone Teleport, Icy Counter: down, back, X, down, back, XSuper moves:Icy Counter – down, back, squareIce Nugget – down, back, TriangleIcy Freeze – down, forward, XTombstone Teleport – down, back, XCold Slide – back, X, OSupermanHeroic Brutality 1 – down, down, forward, forward, squareHeroic Brutality 2 – forward, forward, down, back, OPro moves:Inhale Capture, Soaring Knockout – down, back, triangle, down, forward, triangleGround Tremor – down(2), O, (down square triangle)Soaring Knockout – down, forward, triangle, down, back, XInhale Capture, Up Up and Away – down, back, triangle, down, back, XSuper moves:Heat Vision – back(2), squareInhale Capture – down, back, triangleSoaring Knockout – down, forward, triangleIce Breath – down, forward, squareGround Tremor – down, down, OShoulder Charge – forward, forward, OUp, Up and Away – down, back, X and also one of the following:Hover Heat Vision Close: up, up, back, squareHover Heat Vision Far: up, up, back, triangleGround Tremor: up, up, back, square or OWonder WomanHeroic Brutality 1 – up, back, down, forward, squareHeroic Brutality 2 – forward, back, back, toward, XPro moves:Handstand Burst – down, back, X, down, back, triangleHandstand Burst, Spoilt Grab – down, back, X, down, forward, XSuper moves:Wondrous Spin – down, back, ODivine Princess – down, forward, triangleSplits Grab – down, forward, XGotcha Girl – forward, forward, OHandstand Burst – down, back, XLasso Grab – back, forward, squareAlternate costumes:At the character selection screen press Start to use the selected character’s alternate costume.Play as Shao Kahn:To play as Shao Kahn, complete Mortal Kombat story mode. Then, press R1 at the character selection screen.Play as Darkseid:To play as Darkseid, complete DC Story mode. Then, press R1 at the character selection screen.Random character select:To randomly select a character, hold Up and press Start at the character selection screen. Laser energy for Dark Seid Omega eyes:Choose
Dark Seid and do his Omega Laser then pause game play for about one
second. When the game is resumed, Dark Seid should have his Omega eyes
full of laser energy.Golden Joker:Play as The Joker.
Get your rage bar filled up. Use it, and when you are about to lose
rage, do the Funny Man trick. When you lose rage The Joker should be
golden and remain that way until any attack.Easy wins:Use
a character that can teleport (Shan Tsung, Captain Marvel, or Raiden).
When the enemy starts to attack, immediately teleport and attack them.
The enemy must finish the attack. Teleport when they block and repeat.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKDC Chapter 1 done (10 points) – Beat Story Mode DC Chapter 1.DC Chapter 3 done (15 points) – Beat Story Mode DC Chapter 3.DC Chapter 5 done (20 points) – Beat Story Mode DC Chapter 5.MK Chapter 2 done (10 points) – Beat Story Mode MK Chapter 2.MK Chapter 4 done (15 points) – Beat Story Mode MK Chapter 4.MK Chapter 6 done (20 points) – Beat Story Mode MK Chapter 6.Story mode MK (50 points) – Beat the MK side of Story Mode.Story mode DC (50 points) – Beat the DC side of Story Mode.DC Arcade Champion (50 points) – Beat Arcade Mode on the MK side.MK Arcade Champion (50 points) – Beat Arcade Mode on the DC side.Dark Kahn! (50 points) – Unlock Both Characters.Compeditor (50 points) – Play 200 Versus Matches.Fatality! (10 points) – Do anyone?s fatality.Brutality! (10 points) – Brutality!The Finisher (100 points) – Perform all finishing moves in the game.Combo Champion (20 points) – Perform a 10 hit combo in arcade mode.Baraka Expert (5 points) – Beat Baraka’s expert combos.Batman Expert (5 points) – Beat Batman’s expert combos.Catwoman Expert (5 points) – Beat Catwoman’s expert combos.Deathstroke Expert (5 points) – Deathstroke Expert.Flash Expert (5 points) – Beat Flash’s expert combos.Greenlantern Expert (5 points) – Beat Greenlantern’s expert combos.Jax Expert (5 points) – Beat Jax’s expert combos.Joker Expert (5 points) – Beat Joker’s expert combos.Kano Expert (5 points) – Beat Kano’s expert combos.Kitana Expert (5 points) – Beat Kitana’s expert combos.Lexluthor Expert (5 points) – Beat Lexluthor’s expert combos.Liukang Expert (5 points) – Beat Liukang’s expert combos.Scorpion Expert (5 points) – Beat Scorpion’s expert combos.Shangtsung Expert (5 points) – Beat Shangtsung’s expert combos.Shazam Expert (5 points) – Beat Shazam’s expert combos.Sonya Expert (5 points) – Beat Sonya’s expert combos.Subzero Expert (5 points) – Beat Subzero’s expert combos.Superman Expert (5 points) – Beat Superman’s expert combos.Wonderwoman Expert (5 points) – Beat Wonderwoman’s expert combos.Darkseid Expert (5 points) – Beat Darkseid’s expert combos.Shaokhan Expert (5 points) – Beat Shaokhan’s expert combos.Arcade Master (20 points) – Beat Arcade Max without using a continue.Training mode master – (50 points) – Finish expert combo mode on MK and DC.Special Moves Pro (100 points) – Do all special moves including JF’s.Online Chat Match (20 points) – Win a chat room match Online.Pugilist (10 points) – Get all 4 hits in KK mode in an Online match.Sway-zee (10 points) – Counter a KK attack in an Online match.Freefall (10 points) – Do a freefall special move in an Online match.Switch-A-Roo (10 points) – Do a freefall switch-a-roo in an Online match.Challenger (10 points) – Play 10 Ranked Matches.Online Champion (50 points) – 25 Ranked Match wins in a row.Competitor (50 points) – Play 100 chat lobby matches.Humiliation (20 points) – Get a flawless victory Online.Raiden Expert (5 points) – Beat Raiden’s expert combos.Omega Effect (5 points) – Complete Darkseid’s Kombo Challenge. Emperor of Outworld (5 points) – Complete Shao Khan’s Kombo Challenge. Super Moves Master (100 points) – Perform all Super Moves and Promoves.

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