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Mini-games:To unlock all mini-games, play any of the 3 levels in ‘Richest’ mode.Unlockable boards:Unlock the following boards by collecting the corresponding amount of stamps:BOARD – STAMPSCardboard Board – 224 stamps (8 boards complete)Cheese Board – 56 stamps (2 boards complete)Deco Board – 168 stamps (6 boards complete)Future Board – 6 stamps (6 Properties owned)Ice Board – 112 stamps (4 boards complete)Jungle Board – 84 stamps (3 boards complete)Sweet Board – 22 stamps (22 Properties owned)Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKEverybody Starts Somewhere (10 points) – Buy a property.Now You’re On Your Way (20 points) – Own a monopoly.Climbing Your Way Up The Ladder (30 points) – Build your first set of houses. Classic mode only.The View From The Top (50 points) – Build your first set of hotels. Classic mode only.High Roller (10 points) – Roll a double six.Rolled To Jail (10 points) – Roll three doubles in a row and get sent to jail.Rolled To Freedom (10 points) – Rolled a double to get out of jail.Globe Trotter (50 points) – Land on every property on the World board.Taking Sides (50 points) – Own every property, including any ports and utilities, down one whole side of the board.Transport King (20 points) – Own the monopoly on the transport properties.You’ve Got The Power (20 points) – Own the monopoly on the utilities.Deal Of The Century (20 points) – Form a monopoly as a result of trading.No Mercy (20 points) – Be responsible for the bankruptcy of another player.Went For Broke (10 points) – Bankrupted yourself out of the game for the first time.A Good Start (10 points) – Win your first mini-game in any mode of Richest.He Who Controls The Dice… (50 points) – Win every mini-game in a full game of Developer.Last But Not Least (20 points) – Win all the mini-games in a full game of Developer but don’t finish first.Taken A Chance (10 points) – Take your first property from another player using Chance in any mode of Richest.Forcibly Formed (20 points) – Form a monopoly in any mode of Richest by taking one or more of the properties from another player.Dashed Hopes (10 points) – Break up another player’s Monopoly.A Quick Victory (10 points) – Win a game of Developer mode Richest.Faster Better (20 points) – Win a game of Industrialist mode Richest.Becoming The Master (40 points) – Win a game of Tycoon mode Richest.The Underdog (50 points) – Don’t finish first in any mini-game but still win overall in any mode of Richest.From The Flames (50 points) – Come from last in the previous round to win overall in any mode of Richest.You Are The Richest (100 points) – Own every property on the board in any mode of Richest.Started Your Empire (30 points) – Build a set of houses in any mode of Richest.Established Your Hold (50 points) – Build a set of hotels in any mode of Richest.Time To Collect (10 points) – Collect your first rent payment from any other player in any mode of Richest.Expensive To Stop Here (10 points) – Land on another player’s set of hotels in any mode of Richest.Sight Seer (20 points) – Unlock a passport. Awarded to the passport holder.Jet Setter (100 points) – Fill all the passports. Awarded to the passport holder.Try Something New (10 points) – Unlock your first new board.The First Monopoly (50 points) – Get the same amount of money as the year Monopoly was released.

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