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Trade for any player:To trade a low rated player for a player who’s rating is much higher, first turn off the salary cap. Select the player you want to trade for, go to “Edit Player”, and change his position to one that he does not normally play. For ex if he is a wide receiver then change his position to a quarterback. You will now be able to trade your lowest rated player for him. After you make the trade go back to “Edit Player” and change his position back to his original position.99 overall rookie in Superstar mode:Create a player at the position you want to play at. Make sure he is a rookie and set his overall to 99. Save the roster. Go to Career mode and select “Become a Superstar”. Next, select “Play as NFL Rookie”. Your superstar will be at the top of the list.Secret messages:When you score 500 career touchdowns a message will display “Congratulations from the Madden NFL 10 team! Brett who?”When you score 112 points in Franchise mode a message will appear at the bottom of the screen.Get 12 interceptions in a game to receive a hidden message.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKSprint 2 Minute Drill (30 points) – Win after being behind in the final 2 minutes of a game. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.All Day No Way (40 points) – Record 3 tackles for a loss on Adrian Peterson. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Buzzkill (40 points) – Intercept a pass intended for Randy Moss. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Fight for the Fumble (30 points) – Win possession of the ball after a fumble pile-up. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.From Me To You (40 points) – Complete a pass for a TD with your partner in an Online Co-op game. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Frozen Tundra (30 points) – Win at Lambeau Field in freezing weather. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.The Gang’s All Here (50 points) – Trigger a gang tackle with 7 players. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Go Back to Basketball (40 points) – Tackle Antonio Gates inside the 5 yard line. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Go Bag Some Groceries (40 points) – Force Kurt Warner to fumble on a sack. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Have to Be This Tall to Ride (40 points) – Stiff arm or juke Bob Sanders. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Hey Buddy! (50 points) – Complete a lateral with your partner in an Online Co-Op game. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Larry Stickyfingers (40 points) – Get 10 user catches (no drops) with Larry Fitzgerald. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Laser Arm? (40 points) – Intercept Peyton Manning 3 times. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Look what I found! (80 points) – Win a fumble pile-up in the end zone for a TD. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Mr. Not-So-Perfect (40 points) – Intercept a Tom Brady pass. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Nano (50 points) – Sack the QB before he can hand the ball off. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Nothing Without the Dark Visor (40 points) – Force a LaDanian Tomlinson fumble. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Pocket Monster (80 points) – Stay in the pocket for at least 10 seconds. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Super Bowl MVP-like (50 points) – Catch a TD to take the lead with under 30 seconds left. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Why Can?t We Be Friends? (75 points) – Complete an online Co-Op game. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.Wounded Duck (50 points) – Complete a pass to an unintended receiver. 5 min qtrs, All Pro. Mature Newbie (10 points) – Create a player or Superstar at the oldest possible age.Safety Inspection Required (10 points) – Create a team from Springfield.Well played. Really. (5 points) – Throw the ball away on 4th down. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.”AFL Legacy Pack” trophiesBlast From The Past (30 points) – Win an AFL-themed Madden Moment with AFL presentation turned on.Orange Sherbet Anyone? (30 points) – Win an exhibition game with AFL presentation turned ON. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.AFL Invades Franchise Mode (30 points) – Win an offline franchise AFL Legacy game with AFL presentation turned on.AFL Goes Online (30 points) – Play online wearing AFL jerseys. 5 min qtrs, All Pro.The Ultimate Ten Point Swing (30 points) – Return a missed field goal for a TD with AFL presentation turned ON. 5 min qtrs, All Pro (no co-op).

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