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Cheat Codes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: The game’s codes are matched to the unique user ID of each game which varies. The following codes will only work with games that have the same user ID. To obtain a new user ID, start a new game.CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODE/IDHealing hands (players recover from injuries in one day) – CNCWHDJN9LWTA (ID 18146)Do you want to be in my gang? (sign any player) – 56BP9MJYRF2AA (ID 18146)Rome wasn’t built in a day (stadiums will be built in one day) – 1CR1WYRLQRBYF (ID 18146)No more money worries (receive ?500 million in the bank) – ACXVMDGE761Q1 (ID 18146)Youth stars (all your youth players will have 100 potential) – 8MDEBK17K1WEF (ID 18146)Transfer free for all (the transfer market never closes) – ND967RXBTXWQD (ID 18146)Contracts:Always resign your players contracts immediately. Otherwise, in January other temas will offer your players pre-contracts and sign them for nothing.Free players:To get free players, offer players on other teams contracts without money during January through April. Also, when a players loan expires you can offer them a contract before their team does.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKWin the English Premiership (100 points) – Win the English Premiership.Win the Scottish Premiership (50 points) – Win the Scottish Premiership.Win Italian Serie A (100 points) – Win Italian Serie A.Win Spanish Liga 1 (100 points) – Win Spanish Liga 1.Win German Liga 1 (75 points) – Win German Liga 1.Win French Division 1 (75 points) – Win French Division 1.Win the Dutch Eredivisie (50 points) – Win the Dutch Eredivisie.Win the Portuguese Super Liga (50 points) – Win the Portuguese Super Liga.Win the European Cup (125 points) – Win the European Cup.Win the C.E.F.A. Cup (75 points) – Win the C.E.F.A. Cup.Win the English National Cup (25 points) – Win the English National Cup.Win the Scottish National Cup (15 points) – Win the Scottish National Cup.Win the Coppa Italia (25 points) – Win the Coppa Italia.Win the Spanish Copa del Rey (25 points) – Win the Spanish Copa del Rey.Win the German National Pokal (20 points) – Win the German National Pokal.Win the Coupe de France (20 points) – Win the Coupe de France.Win the Dutch National Cup (15 points) – Win the Dutch National Cup.Win the Ta?a de Portugal (15 points) – Win the Ta?a de Portugal.Win the English League Cup (15 points) – Win the English League Cup.Win the Scottish League Cup (5 points) – Win the Scottish League Cup.Win the German Liga Pokal (10 points) – Win the German Liga Pokal.Win the French Coupe De Ligue (10 points) – Win the French Coupe De Ligue.

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