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Completion Bonus:Successfully complete the game and load your cleared saved game file to be able to start a new game session with all your previously earned components, formations, gold, magazines, maps, items that unlock arts for Rush; and Mr. Digg’s status.The Enlightened Seven:Defeat the Bosses from each base. You can then defeat them again and have the chance to recruit them at the specified guild.BOSS – HOW TO RECRUITHannah – Go to Balterossa then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit her. Hinnah – Go to Nagapur then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit her. Ludope – Go to Melphina then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit him. Milton – Go to Royotia then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit him. Snievan – Go to Elysion then to the Ring Of The Labyrinth to recruit him. Young – Go to Baaluk then to the Union Of The Golden Chalice to recruit him. Zuido – Go to Ghor then to the Ring Of The Labyrinth to recruit him. Easy money:Go to Nagapur and talk to the person upstairs and accept the “Cosmo Maiden” quest. Go to Crookfen and find the maiden. Fight the dragon (Bai ze) in the middle of map. Capture but do not complete the quest. Exit at the bottom of map at the southeast corner. Guest union will leave. Go back to Nagapur and talk to the same person. Choose the “Sure see you in a bit” option and repeat the quest until you have the desired amount of money. Bai ze sells for 28,800 gold.Dragon’s Liver:Go to the Great Sand Sea. In the Searing Cove, there will be a Spiritlord and Manticore (Nass). In the Searing Cauldron there will be just Manticore again, and you will find the dragon between the first and second spike northeast from the direction you entered. Save the game first, fight, and split him. If you do not get the liver, reload the game and repeat.Attack boost:After reaching Undelwalt and going to the seventh path through the sixth, defeat the Idols in the Dark Forest. Go the union and get the reward for defeating Idols (Comet formation). Use that formation with your best leaders. This can result in your leaders doing 15,000 to 54,000 damage each combat or Mystic Art, and 60,000 to 240,000 for Weapon Arts.Ring of the Labyrinth Guild:The Ring of the Labyrinth is an optional guild that can only be unlocked by completing Emmy’s “The Fated One”sidequest in Athlum. They offer similar tasks but the set of items, monsters and weapons they seek are different from Golden Chalice and Sword of the Three Realms’s.Easy experience:To easily gain experience, do the following after the Ruins of Robelia Castle and Gaslin Caves or Dillmoor is unlocked. When you have to choose to enter either Robelia Castle or Gaslin Caves, go back into that area and make it through the level with leveling up once. Use Mystic Attacks in Robelia Castle and Combat Arts in Gaslin Caves. Your characters will learn more of those skills by performing them. Do not enter Dillmoor when it is opened. Instead, have both parties run in and out of both Robelia Castle and Gaslin Caves until you do not level up while running through them. Even when you are close to exiting the second area you selected and one character has leveled up, go through them both again. Although this is time consuming, your characters will be able to level up for a long time.Special monsters:To unlock special monsters in each area, after you enter Dillmoor visit each area at least 150 times. The monsters will show up once you have gone through Dillmoor, Baulson’s Quest, and Celepaleis. You will also gain money and the seldom level up by visiting each area 150 times.Side quests:A Day’s BeginningFrom: Mysterious WomanWhen: After first visit to DillmoorLocation: Athlum – Warrior’s Honor PubTask: Deliver letter to Yama in Robelia Castle EntranceReward: 100 G BaulsonFrom: BaulsonWhen: After completing A Day’s BeginningLocation: Athlum – Warrior’s Honor PubTask: Clean up the cave, and save the hostageReward: 500 G, Baulson can be recruited in Guild Mr. DiggsFrom: Apprentice CraftsmanWhen: Once you reach CelapaleisLocation: Celapaleis – Amber TavernTask: Fetch some Light Metal so the craftsman can open his shopReward: 1,000 G, Mr. Diggs Athlum’s WitchFrom: Mage-Like GirlWhen: After visiting Blackdale for the first timeLocation: Athlum – Town SquareTask: Give her 500 GReward: Fresh Oil (x3), Aerial Insecta Ale (x3) Celapaleis’s WitchFrom: Mage-Like GirlWhen: After finishing Athlum’s WitchLocation: Celapaleis – Grants WayTask: Give her 1,000 GReward: Cureleaf (x7), Relaxing Herb (x7) Bravery and LoyaltyFrom: EmmaWhen: Once Ivory Peaks is openLocation: Athlum – Warrior’s Honor PubTask: Defeat the giant in Robelia CastleReward: 1,500 G, Mano Salia The Dreaming RoseFrom: Baron NielsenWhen: Once Ivory Peaks is openLocation: Celapaleis – Amber TavernTask: Find Baron’s wife in Ivory PeaksReward: Gaslin Copper (x2), Natural Oil (x3), 1,000 G Elysion’s WitchFrom: Mage-Like GirlWhen: After entering ElysionLocation: Elysion – HendlerTask: Give her 1,500 GReward: Methone Explosive (x4), Glowroot (x4) The Secret LetterFrom: Gloomy ManWhen: After entering ElysionLocation: Elysion – The Heavenly Terrace PubTask: Take the Secret Letter to BalterossaReward: Jade Orb For Love the Bell TollsFrom: Classy ManWhen: Immediately when in BalterossaLocation: Balterossa Cafe MoondustTask: Find Charlotte in Mojcado CastleReward: Godstone of Love AmnesiaFrom: JorgenWhen: Immediately when in BalterossaLocation: Balterossa Cafe MoondustTask: Find 3 items belonging to JorgenReward: Stacked Attack formation, Jorgen can be recruited in Guild (stats vary depending on the items you gave) The Silent SoulFrom: Scaredy-Cat MagusWhen: Immediately when in BalterossaLocation: Balterossa Cafe MoondustTask: Go to desert, and inspect the pillars: C 4 B E A 1Reward: Godstone of Souls The HeroFrom: ArchaeologistWhen: Immediately when in BalterossaLocation: Balterossa Cafe MoondustTask: Explore the Great Subterrane, and disable the stelesReward: 2,500 G, Honor of Determination, Vanguard formation The War of a Thousand YearsFrom: Conspiracy Theory NutWhen: After completing The HeroLocation: Balterossa Cafe MoondustTask: Defeat the Boss in the Great SubterraneReward: Rough Elven Stone, 2,000 G The Ancient WarFrom: Chief of StaffWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Balterossa CastleTask: Defeat the armyReward: 20,000 G The Trade RouteFrom: Ambitious MerchantWhen: After visiting ElysionLocation: Athlum – Warrior’s Honor PubTask: Escort the merchant through the caveReward: Gaslin Copper x 6, Iron Ore x 4, Jhana Alloy (x2), Rough Spriggan Stone Into the AbyssFrom: PriamWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Royotia CastleTask: Find the Flame GuardianReward: Manoryll Salia After a Day’s Work…From: White SovaniWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears on mapLocation: Elysion – The Heavenly Terrace PubTask: Link the three Qsiti’s, and kill them to receive quest itemReward: Shend Salia Blooming Flower, Singing BirdFrom: HannahWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears on map, or after Goodbye, Sweet LoveLocation: Balterossa Cafe MoondustTask: Find Hannah, and assist herReward: 2,000 G, Aes Salia, Snowflake When the Rose BloomsFrom: Baron NielsenWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears on map, must have done The Dreaming RoseLocation: Celapaleis – Amber TavernTask: Find Paris in the cave, and kill the enemiesReward: 2,000 G, Guild opens in Celapaleis A Single SoulFrom: RhagohWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears on mapLocation: Celapaleis – Amber TavernTask: Find the flowers in Darken ForestReward: 5,000 G, Rhagoh can be recruited The Losing GameFrom: Dishonest-Looking ManWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears on mapLocation: Baaluk – The RiftTask: Kill the Grand Beetle not far from western exit in the Great Sand Sea to get the swordReward: Ves Salia FrustrationsFrom: LeshauWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears on mapLocation: Baaluk – The RiftTask: Kill ValidusReward: 30,000 G, Leshau can be recruited, unlocks “The Fallen” quest for Disc 2 The WandererFrom: Grandma’s GirlWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts is on mapLocation: Royotia – PubTask: Find the geezer in LavafenderReward: Vys Salia A Voice from the PastFrom: White QsitiWhen: Once Heroic Ramparts appears, or immediately when discovering MelphinaLocation: Melphina – Babbling Brook PubTask: Get the bookReward: 2,500 G, Picture of the Second Brigade The Rainbow BondFrom: PagusWhen: When you go to MelphinaLocation: Melphina – Babbling Brook Pub counterTask: Go to Royotia, and assist SibalReward: Manryn Salia, Maddox can be recruited The Broken SealFrom: RobertoWhen: When in MelphinaLocation: Palace of MelphinaTask: Find the three broken sealsReward: Azure Orb Slumber of the Lost FragmentFrom: White YamaWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Ghor – Warrior TownTask: Find the Yama’s shiny thingsReward: 4,000 G, Aen Salia The StandoffFrom: BlocterWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Ghor – Den of HeroesTask: Win the three round tournamentReward: 3,000 G, Tak Salia, Basic Customization Nagapur’s WitchFrom: Mage-Like GirlWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Nagapur – FlussbahnTask: Give her 6,000 GReward: Water of Eos x 6, Bell Seedling (x3), Young Bud (x3) The Cosmos MaidenFrom: Kosmosfest StaffWhen: After the meeting in NagapurLocation: Nagapur – Pub DrachenhauchTask: Find the girl, and bring her out of CrookfenReward: Javelin (x1), 5,000 G Wisdom’s EchoFrom: Old-Fashioned WomanWhen: After the meeting in NagapurLocation: Nagapur – Pub DrachenhauchTask: Help her find the fighting master in AveclyffReward: Honor of Oath, Batwings formation, Glenys can be recruited The Disappearing KnightsFrom: RobertoWhen: Sometime after completing The Broken Seal, possibly only after Nagapur meetingLocation: Palace of MelphinaTask: Find the soldiers in Siebenbur Fourth pathReward: 4,800 G DarienFrom: Melodramatic QsitiWhen: After Nagapur meetingLocation: Elysion – The Heavenly TerraceTask: Bring the Holy Chalice to him from MelphinaReward: 25 G, Darien can be recruited Ghor’s WitchFrom: Mage-Like GirlWhen: After giving her money in NagapurLocation: Ghor – Warrior TownTask: Give her 4,000 GReward: Charm of Gliding The Reviving LegendFrom: RobertoWhen: After Nest of EaglesLocation: Palace of MelphinaTask: Assist in the battleReward: 7,000 G EmotionsFrom: RaphusWhen: After Nest of EaglesLocation: Royotia – The FirestoneTask: Help Raphus get his treasure backTask: See Rainn in Balterossa pubTask: See Alyssa in Baaluk, pay 10,000 GTask: See Rainn again in Balterossa, refuse at first, then accept for extra TuckTask: See Beauson in Elysion – Genaade DistrictTask: See Alyssa again in Baaluk, find the map near the guild entranceTask: Get your reward from RaphusReward: Royotian Wine (x1), Godstone of Wisdom The Fiery RevoltFrom: Flame GuardianWhen: Anytime after completing “Into The Abyss”Location: Through Royotia CastleTask: Gather the nine Salias before doing this to receive three itemsTask: Defeat VespaliaReward: Pivasalia The Silver Falcons: Part OneFrom: CaedmonWhen: Before entering AqueductsLocation: Balterossa – Merchant’s Lot and PubTask: Participate in the battleReward: Shamshir, 3,000 G At Hatred’s EndFrom: OpheliaWhen: Complete the three quests by Roberto, and select the lower option each timeLocation: Melphina – PubTask: Find Nordis and Azelle in Numor MinesReward: Ophelia’s Sword The Silver Falcons: Part TwoFrom: CaedmonWhen: Sometime after completing Part OneLocation: Balterossa – Merchant’s Lot and PubTask: Participate in battle againReward: Premier Bracelet, 8,000 G Infestation!From: The Rift OwnerWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Baaluk – The RiftTask: Clean up the bugsReward: Empty Aerial Insecta Shell, 10,000 G, Flail formation The SuccessorFrom: AllanWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Royotia – PubTask: Assist Allan in catching some wrongdoersReward: Force Field formation, Allan can be recruited The Desert’s LegendFrom: Bossy ManWhen: Immediately, must have three GodstonesLocation: Balterossa – Cafe MoondustTask: Find the Flaumello Tower, and set the Godstones in the pedestalsReward: Claw’s Grasp formation, Intermediate Customization Love Will Rise AgainFrom: CharlotteWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Balterossa – Cafe MoondustTask: Assist in preventing the warReward: Rough Goblin Stone, Rough Mermaid Stone, Rough Leperchaun Stone, Rough Troll Stone, 20,000 G, Paris can be recruited The Assistant (three part quest)From: ScientistWhen: ImmediatelyLocation: Melphina – The Babbling BrookTask: Fetch the ingredients from Yvalock’s NestReward: 400 GTask: Fetch 25 Blackrose Nectar, 15 Shadowood Seeds, and 6 Cosmosand from Yvalock’s NestReward: 800 GTask: Fetch 30 Parasitic Oil, 18 Cosmosand, and 1 Nightblossom Seed from Yvalock’s NestReward: 1,600 GFinal Reward: Divine Elixir, 6,000 G The Slave TradersFrom: Brother of Kidnapped Girl

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