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EX fighters:To unlock a characters EX version, highlight a character at the character selection screen and hold Back.Unlockable characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKGoenitz – Defeat Goenitz in Arcade mode.Orochi – Defeat Orochi in Arcade mode.Orochi Iori – Defeat Orochi Iori in Arcade mode, and beat the game.Orochi Leona – Defeat Orochi Leona in Arcade mode, and beat the game.Movie Gallery:To unlock the Movie Gallery, defeat all 64 characters (including Goenitz, Omega Rugal, and Orochi) in Endless mode.Ending gallery:To unlock the following team’s ending gallery after the ending credits, use the corresponding edit teams in Arcade mode. The edit team’s gallery will become available in Gallery mode:TEAM – EDIT TEAMHeidren, Ralf ,Clark – 94 Ikari teamIori, Billy, Eiji – 95 Rival teamGeese, Krauser ,Mr.Big – 96 Boss teamRyo, Robert, Takuma – Former Art Of Fighting teamKasumi, Mai, King – 96 Womens teamRugal, Goenitz ,Orochi – 98:UM Boss teamEiji, Kasumi, Mr. Big – Anti-AOF teamIori,Yashiro, Yamazaki – Detest “Shingo” teamAndy, Mai, Eiji – Ninja teamAthena, Leona, Kasumi – Teenage Girls teamYamazaki ,Mature ,Vice – Yamazaki teamOrochi, Orochi Leona, Orochi Iori – Awaken teamMr. Big, Chang, Choi – Skin-Head team Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKPerfect Match (5 points) – Complete a level perfectly in one round in Arcade or Single-Player mode.Champion (15 points) – Finish the game in Arcade or Single-Player mode.The King of Fighters (30 points) – Finish the game without losing a round or continuing in Arcade or Single-Player mode.Uncontrollable (10 points) – Iori(Ura) or Leona(Ura) appear as CPU in Arcade or Single-Player mode.Score Hunter (10 points) – Highest point exceeds 300 thousand in Arcade or Single-Player mode.5 Continuous Wins (20 points) – Get 5 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.10 Continuous Wins (35 points) – Get 10 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.Rookie (10 points) – Get 10 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.Professional (20 points) – Get 50 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.The King (35 points) – Get 100 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.Untouchable (5 points) – Get a straight win in Arcade mode.Assist Attack (5 points) – Perform an assist attack in Arcade mode.

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