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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKCHAMPION (10 points) – In TEAM PLAY; defeat any of Krizalid, C.Zero, Zero, or Igniz. The King of Fighters (20 points) – Defeat O Rugal and clear TEAM PLAY. Unnamed Challenger (15 points) – Defeat Nameless the challenger. Challenger (20 points) – Clear all Normal Challenges. Complete (20 points) – Unlock all playable characters. Rookie Fighter (10 points) – Defeat 10 opponents in ENDLESS. Agile Fighter (15 points) – Defeat 30 opponents in ENDLESS. Veteran Fighter (30 points) – Defeat 65 opponents in ENDLESS. Raging Throw (15 points) – Take the perfect Roaring Sphere using Clark. Mighty Blow (20 points) – Get a clean hit with Galactica Vanguard using Ralf (available on Practice Mode). Online Fighter (10 points) – Win 10 RANKED MATCHES.Online Master (15 points) – Win 30 RANKED MATCHES.

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