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Unlockable items:Unlock the following following items by performing the corresponding tasks in the specified mini-games. Note: The items cannot be used in the mini-game.ITEM – HOW TO UNLOCKHalo Covenant Ghost – Win a silver medal while driving the Covenant Ghost in the Imperial Raceway mini-game in Cherry Blossom Grove.Halo Grunt Doll – Win a gold medal in the Lakeland Dash contest at Suri Mountain.Halo Warthog Racer – Win a silver medal while driving the Warthog in the kart racing mini-game in the temple area. Cubs:Collect the corresponding number of medals in three of the five contests at one of the specified locations. After winning two of a certain type of medal in that location, the cub will hide somewhere in the area. After earning a third medal of the same type, your current cub will find the hidden cub and a cinematic will play, unlocking the cub.CUB – HOW TO UNLOCKBobcat – Win three silver medals at Cherry Blossom Grove. Borneon Clouded Leopard – Win three bronze medals at Woodland Glade. Saber-tooth Tiger – Complete the game and earn a medal in the last contest of Celestial Glacier. Serval – Win three bronze medals at Fiddler’s Beach. Siberian Tiger – Win three gold medals at Suri Mountain. White Jaguar – Win three silver medals at La Selva. Avatar Awards:Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKAfrican Leopard T-shirt – Visit the Cherry Blossom Grove. African Lion T-shirt – Visit the Fiddler’s Beach. Cheetah T-shirt – Visit the La Selva. Panther T-shirt – Visit the Suri Mountain. Royal Bengal Tiger T-shirt – Visit the Glade. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKA Friend For Life (10 points) – Choose your first animal in your own game. First Contact (10 points) – Pet your animal for the first time. Catch Me If You Can (10 points) – Get your animal to catch a disc for the first time. Interior Designer (10 points) – Customize your home interior for the first time. Animal Carer (10 points) – Clean and feed your animal for the first time. Be A Contender (10 points) – Enter your first contest. Pieces of Flair (10 points) – Place your first collar on your animal. Do You Want to Play? (10 points) – Play with a toy that your animal has brought you. Treasure Finder (10 points) – Use the Plunderscope to discover your first hidden secret. Hit The Surf (30 points) – Visit the Fiddler’s Beach for the first time in your own game. Archaeologist (30 points) – Visit the La Selva for the first time in your own game. Under The Falling Blossom (30 points) – Visit Cherry Blossom Grove for the first time in your own game. The Hills Are Alive (30 points) – Visit Suri Mountain for the first time in your own game. Mountaineer (30 points) – Visit the Celestial Glacier for the first time in your own game. Treasure Hunter (30 points) – Complete the pirate map in your own game. And Then There Were Two (30 points) – Meet the first animal that is unlocked in your own game. Bullseye (20 points) – Hit three moving targets in a disk challenge. No “I” In Team (20 points) – Win a gold medal in another person’s game. Snowed Under (20 points) – Complete the snowball volley contest without missing a single snowball. Telekinesis (20 points) – Use aftertouch on a disc 25 times. Arch Rivals (20 points) – Get the highest score of your friends in a contest session. Well Trained (20 points) – Pass an Obedience Trial without a single penalty. Daredevil (20 points) – Collect all items in an RC Car contest and earn gold in your own game. Gold Standard (50 points) – Get a gold medal in every contest in your own game. Housewarming Present (20 points) – Buy a piece of furniture from the Shop in another person’s game. Jack Be Nimble (20 points) – Complete an agility course without missing any obstacles. Ultimate Jump (20 points) – Perform the ultimate jump. The Ring Master (50 points) – Perform all the tricks. Completionist (20 points) – Own all the toys in every category in your own game. Sky High (20 points) – Get the animal to catch a disc with a high jumping catch. Well Traveled (20 points) – Play every contest. On Point (20 points) – Get 3 rings in a row on a pole in a hoop-la contest. Outfielder (20 points) – Get your animal to catch a disc 15 times. Golden Ticket (20 points) – Win a gold medal in a contest without a retry in your own game. Fixer Upper (20 points) – Decorate your home with a single theme in all positions in your own game. Play Time (20 points) – Have your animal play with a toy in the home for the first time. Mix and Match (20 points) – Decorate your home using all the themes at the same time. Two’s Company (20 points) – Swap with another player while in freeplay. Keep Your Friends Close (20 points) – Play a contest with somebody else. Guesthouse (20 points) – Another player visits your home in your game. Four’s a Party (20 points) – Play a contest with four or more people. Fur-iendship Bracelet (20 points) – Buy a collar or pendant from the Shop in another person’s game.Stuntman (10 points) – Jumped 3 yards with an RC car. Halo, Halo (10 points) – Played with a Halo toy for the first time outside of a contest. Light Headed (10 points) – Got your animal to spin until it’s dizzy. Claptastic (10 points) – Got your animal to clap five times without falling over. Coco-nuts (10 points) – Knocked a coconut down with another coconut. Ice Cold (10 points) – Threw five snowballs in a row at your animal. Cash Back (10 points) – Earned 2000 coins in bonuses by helping a friend. Felis Aurum (50 points) – Discovered the secret of Felis Aurum in your own game.

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