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Unlimited money:To earn unlimited money, after you defeat the main Boss in the Forgotten Forest and receive the element “Ash”, go to the area where you can purchase items for your character. Continue to smash the pumpkins located there to earn copper or silver until you have your desired amount of money.Restore health:To restore your health, you can use either Ash or Thermite. To restore you health using Ash, use the Inferno attack and stand in the fire to slowly raise your health meter. To restore your health using upgraded Thermite, shoot a bomb at a target and then stand in the flames.Restore magic:To restore your magic, change to any transformation and then back to the previous one.Kameo costume:To unlock the original Kameo costume, achieve an “A” rank on all levels.Bonuses:Unlock the following bonuses by earning the corresponding scores in the specified action levels:BONUS – LEVEL/POINTSAirship Concept Video – Thorn’s Airship, 2,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for 40 Below – Thorn’s Airship, 1,500,000 pointsAlternate costume for Ash – Water Temple, 1,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for Chilla – Snow Temple, 2,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for Deep Blue – Snow Temple, 1,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for Flex – Thorn’s Pass, 4,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for Kameo – Forgotten Forest, 500,000 pointsAlternate costume for Kameo – Thorn’s Castle, 100,000 pointsAlternate costume for Kameo – Thorn’s Pass, 2,500,000 pointsAlternate costume for Major Ruin – Water Temple, 2,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for Pummel Weed – Forgotten Forest, 400,000 pointsAlternate costume for Rubble – Forgotten Forest, 1,200,000 pointsAlternate costume for Snare – Cumulative game score of 15,000,000 pointsAlternate costume for Thermite – Cumulative game score of 24,000,000 pointsAnimatic Videos – Thorn’s Pass, 4,500,000 pointsAnimatic Videos 2 – Cumulative game score of 18,000,000 pointsAnimation Video – Forgotten Forest, 200,000 pointsBoss Fights – Water Temple, 2,500,000 pointsCharacter Model Video – Snow Temple, 2,500,000 pointsCheat Set 1 – Thorn’s Castle, 2,500,000 pointsCheat Set 2 – Forgotten Forest, 2,000,000 pointsCheat Set 3 – Water Temple, 3,000,000 pointsCheat Set 4 – Snow Temple, 3,000,000 pointsCheat Set 5 – Thorn’s Pass, 5,000,000 pointsCheat Set 6 – Thorn’s Airship, 3,000,000 pointsConcept Art Set 1 – Cumulative game score of 9,000,000 pointsConcept Video – Thorn’s Castle, 1,500,000 pointsConcept Art Set 2 – Cumulative game score of 12,000,000 pointsCutscene Player – Forgotten Forest, 1,600,000 pointsCutscene Videos – Water Temple, 1,500,000 pointsDeleted Cutscenes Video – Cumulative game score of 21,000,000 pointsDeleted Moves Movie – Thorn’s Pass, 3,000,000 pointsDeleted Scenes Videos – Thorn’s Airship, 1,000,000 pointsEarly Footage Video – Thorn’s Airship, 500,000 pointsEnd Concept Video – Thorn’s Airship, 2,500,000 pointsEvolution of the Characters Video – Snow Temple, 500,000 pointsEvolution Videos – Thorn’s Pass, 3,500,000 pointsMaking Backgrounds Video – Thorn’s Castle, 500,000 pointsMusic Player – Snow Temple, 1,500,000 pointsTest Cutscene – Thorn’s Castle, 2,000,000 pointsTroll Song – Thorn’s Castle, 1,000,000 pointsWotnot Book Video – Forgotten Forest, 800,000 points Cheat Set options:To activate the following Cheat Sets, you must earn a certain amount of points and then select them:Cheat Set 1Big Troll Heads – On/OffBig Kameo Head – On/Off Cheat Set 2Warrior Vision – On/OffScreen FX – Heat Haze/Negative/Old Film/Septia Tint/Solarized/Underwater/Soft Focus Cheat Set 3Screen FX – 8-Bit #1/8-Bit #2/8-Bit #3/16 bit/32 bit/64 bitTrolls – Hard Cheat Set 4Fire Proof – On/OffTrolls – TraitorTrolls – Scaredy Cheat Set 5Max Healing – On/OffElemental Override – Fire/Ice/Off Cheat Set 6Trolls – EasyOne-Hit Kills – On/OffInvulnerability – On/OffUpgrade All Warriors – On/Off Elemental Sprites:Unlock the following Elemental Sprites by performing the corresponding tasks:ELEMENTAL SPRITE – HOW TO UNLOCK40 Below – Defeat the Ice Cave Shadow TrollAsh – Rescue HalisChilla – Rescue LenyaDeep Blue – Defeat the Water Cave Shadow TrollFlex – Defeat the Sulfur Cave Shadow TrollMajor Rush – Defeat the Shadow Troll in Lobster HollowPummel Weed – Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Enchanted KingdomRubble – Defeat the Shadow Troll in the Forgotten ForestThermite – Defeat the Ogre Swamp Shadow Troll Mystic Eyes locations:The following Mystic Eyes are located around the Enchanted Kingdom in the corresponding locations:Eye One – Go to the beach by the palace and use Pummel Weed’s Uproot attack and flip the shells. It is under one of the shells.Eye Two – Go to the dungeon and head straight through the first doorway and turn left. Light the torches on the wall and go inside the room. It is floating in the middle of the room.Eye Three – Go to the Throne Room and head right into the Ancient Tower. Go left along the wall until you see a “quarter pipe”. Use Major Ruin and go up to the second level. Go to the frozen wall and use Chilla to climb to the next level. The Eye is in the middle of the shiny light in the middle of the tower.Eye Four – Go to the Chamber of Living Portraits. Use Thermite’s Mortar attack and blow up the Statue Of Thorn.Skins:The following skins can be found in the corresponding locations:40 Below skin – On your way to the ice area, look for two little huts. Head right and you will see another hut. Look in the closet to find 40 Below’s alternate skin.Ash skin – The Ash skin is located deep in the Dungeon Of Eternal Life. There are golden doors around that block your progress. Light the slanterns on the sides of the doors using Ash to find the skin.Chilla skin – Go to the Ancient Tower by walking up a long stairway in the Enchanted Kingdom that leads to the throne room. Head left and follow the passage which leads to the Ancient Tower. You will encouter a squid person who needs you to round up her children. Equip Major Ruin, Chilla, and Ash to perform the tasks. You will see a ramp that Major Ruin can go up. Then, use Chilla and repeat the process for each level along the way. There will be a squid child frozen inside a block of ice on each level. To melt the ice, use Ash. Continue up the ice until you reach the top. At the top, there is one more squid child. You will be rewarded with the Chill skin and three elemental fruits. The fruits can be collected at the bottom.Flex skin – The Flex skin can be found at the Ice place. Find the shop that you do not have to walk into and purchase it.Major Ruin skin – Located in the water place shop.Pummel Weed skin – Located in the Enchanted Kingdom shop.Rubble skin – Located in the shop in the forest place.Thermite skin – Go to the forest where the guardian trees are located. Talk to the person with a “?!” above their head, and he will tell you to get rid of the boulder in front on the entrance to his house. You will need Thermite to blow up the boulder with one of his bombs. Collect your elemental fruit and go inside the house. The Thermite skin is located in the closet.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBeaten Corallis (Co-Op) – Defeat Corallis in a Co-Op Quest.Beaten Lord Drok (Co-Op) – Defeat Lord Drok in a Co-Op Quest.Beaten Old Mawood (Co-Op) – Defeat Old Mawood in a Co-Op Quest.Beaten Queen Thyra (Co-Op) – Defeat Queen Thyra in a Co-Op Quest.Beaten Thorn (Co-Op) – Defeat Thorn in a Co-Op Quest.Defeat Thorn (100 points) – Defeat Thorn in Single Player mode.Forgotten Forest ranking – Achieve an “A” rank on Forgotten Forest.Freed Halis – Kameo rescues Halis from the Forest Temple.Freed Lenya – Kameo rescues Lenya from the Water Temple.Freed Yeros – Kameo rescues Yeros from the Snow Temple.Game Completed – Beat the game.Snow Temple Ranking – Achieve an “A” rank on the Snow Temple.Thorn”s Airship Ranking – Achieve an “A” rank on Thorn’s Airship.Thorn”s Castle Ranking – Achieve an “A” rank on Thorn”s Castle.Thorn”s Pass Ranking – Achieve an “A” rank on Thorn”s Pass.Water Temple Ranking – Achieve an “A” rank on the Water Temple.Warrior Transformations (10 points) – Unlock the ten Warrior transformations.

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