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Luna’s lost belongings locations:Find Luna’s lost belongings in the following locations:ITEM – LOCATIONHat – Sweep leaves up on the right side of the entrance courtyard.Jumper – On a table in great hall.Paper – Through portrait on first floor corridor. Or in viaduct entrance.Shoes – Clock tower courtyard.Thestral – On a table in FEED-library.Talking gargoyle locations:
Find a talking gargoyle in each of the following locations:
1. On a small pillar by umbridge’s office.2. On a upper walkway found on the way to the hospital wing.3. Outside the viaduct entrance.4. In the transfiguration room.5. In the paved courtyard on the upper steps.Flying creatures locations:Find the following flying creatures in the corresponding locations. They are needed for the room of rewards:CREATURE – LOCATIONBats
– Below the stone bridge. Go to the stone bridge and light all the
torches with incendio. Climb down the pipe to find the bats.Crows – At the stone circle.Doves – At the bridge at the viaduct.Pixies – In a desk in the defense against the dark arts room.Seagulls – At the boathouse.Prof. Flitwick’s charms:Complete
Professor Flitwick’s mini-quest to unlock the Charms room. Go inside
and talk to him. He will call out spells that you need to cast on
different objects. The following is the order he calls the Charms in:1. Wingardium Leviosa on a bench.2. Reducto on a statue of a bird.3. Reparo on the pile of broken dishes.4. Accio on a rope near the fireplace.5. Depulso on a chair.6. Accio on a rope near the fireplace.7. Incendio on the plaque.8. Reducto on a statue of a bird.9. Reparo on the pile of broken dishes.10. Wingardium Leviosa on a bench.Final gobblestone champion:After beating the 3rd champion look for her near the snake pit champion.Passage to the seventh floor:Near
the bottom of the grand staircase on the floor that says “Dungeon”
there is a portrait that you can talk to and will tell you the password
to the seventh floor.Room of Rewards trophies:Unlock the following trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:TROPHY – HOW TO UNLOCKArchitecture cup – Find the 12 hogwarts emblems.
Characters cup – Talk to all characters at hogwarts.
Defense Against the Dark Arts cup – Cast each defensive spell in at least 6 duels.
Exploding Snap cup – Defeat both exploding snap champs.
Explorer cup – Explore all areas in hogwarts.
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