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Cheat Codes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODEAlways Slide [NOTE 1] – Blue, Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Blue, Yellow Air Instruments – Yellow, Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3) Invisible Rocker – Green(2), Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2) Performance Mode – Red, Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red Focus Mode – Green, Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green HUD Free Mode – Green(2), Red, Green(2), Yellow, Green(2) All HOPOs – Green(3), Blue, Green(3), Yellow Unlock All Characters – Blue, Green(2), Red, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue Unlock All Venues – Red, Blue(2), Red(2), Blue(2), Red Absolutely Nothing – Green(8) Color Shuffle – Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow Mirror Gems – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green(2), Yellow, Red, Blue Random Gems – Blue(2), Red, Blue, Green(2), Red, Green SuperUser [NOTE 2] – Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Blue, Green NOTE 1: Disabled in online mode and prevents achievements from becoming unlocked.NOTE 2: Only available in pre-release versions.Spirit characters and instruments:To unlock a character’s spirit form, dominate a character’s section in Quest mode by collecting 40 stars on every song.Chapter completion bonuses:Complete the following chapters to unlock the corresponding bonuses:CHAPTER – BONUSWarrior
Johnny Chapter completed – Warrior Johnny and his band’s outfits, more
powers for Quickplay , Johnny’s Archaic guitar and bass, more Quickplay
venues. Warrior Johnny’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Johnny, Spirit Johnny’s Archaic Ghost guitar and bass. Warrior
Echo Chapter completed – Warrior Echo and her band’s outfits, Star
Power Generator Power, Echo’s Cranked guitar and bass. Echo’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Echo, Spirit Echo’s Cranked Ghost guitar and bass. Warrior Judy Chapter completed – Warrior Judy and her band’s outfits, Crowd Hyper Power, Judy’s Hell Wing guitar and bass. Judy’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Judy, Spirit Judy’s Hell Wing Ghost guitar and bass. Warrior
Austin Chapter completed – Warrior Austin and his band’s outfits, Star
Power Amplifier , Power Austin’s Trick or Treat guitar and bass. Austin’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Austin, Spirit Austin’s Trick or Treat Ghost guitar and bass. Rush
2112 Chapter completed – More Powers for Quickplay , The Legendary
guitar and bass, more Quickplay venues, the songs of 2112 for
Quickplay . Warrior Pandora Chapter completed – Warrior Pandora and
her band’s outfits, Star Power Nova Power, Pandora’s Cinder Blade
guitar and bass, PRS Orianthi guitar and BC Rich Assassin ASM Zoltan
guitar. Pandora’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Pandora, Spirit Pandora’s Cinder Blade Ghost guitar and bass. Warrior
Lars Chapter completed – Warrior Lars and his band’s outfits, Extended
Multiplier Power, Lars’ Battle Bringer guitar and bass, BC Rich Kerry
King guitar. Lars’ Chapter dominated – Spirit Lars, Spirit Lars’ Battle Bringer Ghost guitar and bass. Warrior
Casey Chapter completed – Warrior Casey and her band’s outfits, Streak
Guardian Power, Casey’s McSwain Snake guitar and bass. Casey’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Casey, Spirit Casey’s McSwain Snake Ghost guitar and bass. Warrior Axel Chapter completed – Warrior Axel and his band’s outfits, Resurrection Power, Axel’s Sacryfyce guitar and bass. Axel’s Chapter dominated – Spirit Axel, Spirit Axel’s Sacryfyce Ghost guitar and bass. Final
Battle complete – Demigod of Rock, The Beast Dethroned Quickplay
venue, The Demigod’s setlist, All-Powerful Power to Dominate other
chapters. Demigod’s Chapter dominated – Demigod of Rock Spirit, The Legendary Ghost guitar and bass. Rank bonuses:Reach the following ranks to unlock the corresponding bonuses:RANK – BONUSRank 2 – Guitar: NSFT Glass Rank 3 – Video Gallery: Neversoft Logos Rank 4 – Wormhole Rank 5 – Guitar: CBGB Guitar Rank 6 – Art Gallery: Axel Steel Rank 7 – Accessories: Angels Wings Rank 8 – Guitar: NFST Resonator Rank 9 – Art Gallery: Judy Nails Rank 10 – Extra: Color Shuffle Rank 11 – Bass: Music Man Stingray Rank 12 – Art Gallery: Johnny Napalm Rank 13 – Rocker: Eddie Knox Rank 14 – Guitar: Ibanez ICT Rank 15 – Art Gallery: Casey Lynch Rank 16 – Accessories: Kat Babe

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