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Infinite player creation points:To get infinite player creation points, go to “Traits” and select all the negative ones. Then, press A to exit the Traits screen. Distribute the given points to the category of your choice and then press A. Return to the Traits screen and de-select the negative traits. Press A to exit. Save your player and then reload your player in the edit player menu. Repeat these steps until your players stats are maxed out.Easy goals:To easily score when one on one with the goaltender, perform a finesse shot by faking one direction and shooting the other.Easy wins:To easily win a match, press Start and select “Select Sides”. Switch to the other team and score on your own goal. Then, switch back to your original team.Easy unlockable points:To easily gain unlockable points, select a cup tournament in Tournament mode. Select the highest rated team. Go to Tournament Central and quick sim all games until you win the tournament.Easy money(Manager mode):To easily earn money in Manager mode, buy the top free agents in the transfer market and sell the during the same transfer market window. You will not have to pay their salary if you do this.Refill team stamina(Manager mode):To refill your team’s stamina in Manager mode, save the game and exit to the main menu. Reload the game and your players stamina bars will be close to full.Cheaper players(Manager mode):To get cheaper players at the end of the season in Manager mode, choose not to renew your contracts of the players you want to keep. When the transfer period starts, you can transfer them without paying fees and re-negotiate a cheaper contract.Preview unlockables:You can preview all the unlockables by purchasing one and then not saving your profile after you test it out.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKWinning streak (90 points) – Get a 60 game Winning Streak on Semi-Professional.10 Goal Match Wonder (100 points) – Score more than 10 Goals in a match on Semi-Professional.300 Game winner (200 points) – Win 300 games in all competitions on any level.Defender Man of the Match (50 points) – Win “Man of Match” for a Defender more than 50 times in Semi-Professional.Midfielder Man of the Match (50 points) – Win “Man of Match” for a Midfielder more than 50 times in Semi-Professional.Striker Man of the Match (40 points) – Win “Man of Match” for a Striker more than 50 times in Semi-Professional.Goal Getter (40 points) – Get an average of 4 goals per game over 50 game on Semi-Professional.Undefeated (50 points) – Remain undefeated for 50 games in Semi-Professional.World XI Master (80 points) – Win 20 games with the World XI team on Professional.Fair Play Award (100 points) – Play 20 Games without a card being shown in Semi-Professional.Undefeated Manager (200 points) – Remain undefeated for 1 season in Manager mode.

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