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Costumes and scrapbooks:Unlock the following costumes or scrapbooks by performing the corresponding tasks:COSTUME – HOW TO UNLOCKAllegretto’s Costume – In chapter 6, in one of the treasure chests in “to coda ruins”.Beat’s Costume – Located inside a treasure chest where you battle the bread gang boss.Polka’s Costume #1 – In chapter 4, in one of the treasure chests of the second-to-last area in the lament mirror.Polka’s Costume #2 – After completing the game, in chapter 1, head over to polka’s house after frederic joins polka. After the cutscene, check polka’s bed for the costume.Unlock Scrapbook – After completing the game, finish the events in “the church of ezi” and beat the boss “great ezi” again.Score piece locations:Find the following score pieces in the corresponding locations:1. Agogo Village – Small shrine near March’s house. 2. Ft. Fermata – In the chest after the Boss fight. 3. Cantabile Inn – Boat outside of inn. 4. Woodblock Groves – In the chest in North Center. 5. Andante – Storage room near Sullen Melody. 6. Andante – Pillar before the first bridge. 7. Baroque Ship – Bedroom in the East Hallway. 8. Baroque Ship – Barrel after Frederic cutscene. 9. Dolce’s Ship – In the hest on fourth floor. 10. Baroque Castle – Bedroom on first floor, east. 11. Baroque Castle – Clock in seocnd floor room, east. 12. Baroque Inn – Room on second floor. 13. Baroque – Snowman near entrance. 14. Sharp Mts. – Second point, hole on the right. 15. Sharp Mts. – Fireplace in lodge. 16. Wah Lava Caves – Middle 3, in chest. 17. Ritardando – Bakery. 18. Ritardando – Bakery. 19. Mandolin Church Catacombs – Chest in East Section. 20. Baroque Tavern – Barrels after Dolce #3. 21. Celeste Forest – From merchant. 22. Cowbell Heights – Bottom of Cello Tree. 23. Mysterious Unison – Chest on fourth floor. 24. Mysterious Unison – Chest on ninth floor. 25. Mysterious Unison – Chest on twelfth floor. 26. Tenuto – Play SP 24 with Easygoing Flat in Encore mode. 27. Heaven’s Mirror Forest – From squirrel in Boss area in Encore mode. 28. Forte – Second floor of bar in Encore mode. 29. Forte – Outside of inn in Encore mode. 30. Forte – From the old man near the castle, but only if you spoke to granny in Chapter 4 in Baroque Inn in Encore mode. 31. Baroque – Talk to the woman in lower house, then help the man in Sharp Mts. in Encore mode. 32. Cabasa Bridge – Play SP 19 with Disappointed Note in Chapter 7 only in Encore mode.New game :To play a new game , complete the game and load its saved data to begin a new game with all obtained score pieces, party levels and a hero’s crest. The enemies and bosses will be much stronger.Easy gold:To earn easy gold, do the following: After gaining control of Beat and Alegretto, enter the sewers. Use Beat’s vivid shot skill to take pictures of the enemies. Move Beat beside the target and take pictures until you get 12 photos. Go back to the surface and sell them. Repeat as desired. Tip: Take pictures of the Sewer Boss’s full body with Retto beside it to earn 1000 gold.Mysterious Unison achievement:In the last desert area in chapter 7, head east to reach the Oasis. There is an item and large door. After the battle with the ruined body boss, you will receive a hero’s crest. Use it to open the door and unlock the achievement.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKParty Level 2 (10 points) – Reach party level 2.Party Level 3 (10 points) – Reach party level 3.Party Level 4 (10 points) – Reach party level 4.Party Level 5 (10 points) – Reach party level 5.Party Level 6 (20 points) – Reach party level 6.Raindrops (10 points) – Beat Chapter 1.Revolution (10 points) – Beat Chapter 2.Fantaisie Impromptu (10 points) – Beat Chapter 3.Grande Valse Brilliante (10 points) – Beat Chapter 4.Nocturne (10 points) – Beat Chapter 5.Tristesse (10 points) – Beat Chapter 6.Heroic (10 points) – Beat Chapter 7.Heaven’s Mirror (10 points) – Beat the last chapter, Heaven’s Mirror.Hero’s Gate (30 points) – Use the Hero’s Crest to open the way to Mysterious Unison.Rondo’s Return (50 points) – Defeat Rondo in Mysterious Unison.Claves’s Resurrection (50 points) – Collect the seven pieces of Claves’s Soul.Grand Finale (70 points) – Defeat Frederic with Claves unlocked.Soul Released (79 points) – Free Chord’s Soul from Fort Fermata.Pirate’s Treasure (80 points) – Get Dolce’s treasure.Xylophone Treasure (80 points) – Use your orb to open the secret door in Xylophone Tower.Score Piece Collector (100 points) – Collect the 32 Score Pieces.EZI Worshipper (321 points) – Collect all EZI items.

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