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Unlockable Characters(mission mode):Unlock the following characters in mission mode by performing the corresponding tasks. You will receive an email at the terminal needed to unlock the character:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKCecily Fairchild – Finish seabook arno’s story missions.Dozle Zabi – Accept invitation to join zeon and clear the missions given.Four Murasame – Finish kamille bidan’s story missions and read the new mail to unlock four’s friendship mission; clear it.Glemy Toto – Agree to help glemy establish his own faction while joining axis, and clear the mission given.Gym Ghingnham – After joining dianna counter, have at least normal relations with gym and he will send a mail; read and clear the mission given.Gyunei Guss – Play as quess paraya, and read gyunei’s mail to unlock his friendship mission; clear it.Hayato Kobayashi – Have good relations with hayato and clear his friendship mission.Kai Shiden – Have good relations with kai and then clear his friendship mission.Katejina Loos – Have good relations with katejina and read her mail to unlock her friendship missions; V2 gundam license is required to clear them.Lacus Clyne – Clear kira yamato

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