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Unlockable Scenarios:Unlock the following Scenarios by beating the corresponding Scenarios: SCENARIO – HOW TO UNLOCKDong Zhou In Luo Yang scenario – Beat The Yellow Turban Rebellion scenario.A Divided Land scenario – Beat the Dong Zhou in Luo Yang scenario.Battle Of Guan Du scenario – Beat the A Divided Land scenario.Flames Over Chi Bi scenario – Beat the Battle Of Guan Du scenario.Unlockable options:To unlock the “Executions/Old Age Death”, “Isolate”, and “Unlimited Time” options, beat Empire mode.All created officer attire:To unlock all created officer attire, beat the Yellow Turban campaign using a created officer.Level 4 weapons:To unlock level 4 weapons, raise a weapon to its maximum level and kill 500 enemies.Six items for officer:To unlock the ability to use six items for an officer, defeat 1,000 enemies in a stage. Red Hare Harness:To get the Red Hare Harness, use the Development assignment card three times on Naman. Then, use the Production assignment card on Luo Yang.Shadow Horse:To get the Shadow Horse, get the northwest land owned by Ma Teng and fully develop it. Then, go to “Assign”

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