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How to defeat the guardian robot:
To defeat the guardian robot, hit both activator switches with matching
colors. Then, hit the generator lens that the pipes lead to. Continue to
repeat this process until the next part. This time there is one more
generator lens and the guardian will have another move. Do not get close
to a target. Repeat the process until you have defeated the robot.

Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKUtilized Time Machine (10 points) – Escape from Egypt in the time machine.Obtained Scanning Technology (10 points) – Complete the mission to create the scanner gadget.Obtain the Charge Ball Gadget (10 points) – Obtain the Charge Ball Glove.Obtain Disassembler Gadget (10 points) – Obtain the Disassembler Gadget.Overwhelmed Menacing Automaton (40 points) – Defeat Robot guarding the time machine.Restored Space/Time Continuum (20 points) – Complete Science Fair Level.Obtained Havoc Gadget (10 points) – Obtain Havoc Gloves.Obtain LEV Gadget (10 points) – Obtain the LEV Gun.Undermined Prometheus Project (60 points) – Defeat Prometheus.Defeat Mega Doris (100 points) – Defeat Mega Doris.Scan 130 Items (100 points) – Scan 130 items throughout the game.Earn Uncle Art VR Disk (10 points) – Earn Uncle Art’s VR Disk.Earn Billie VR Disk (10 points) – Earn Billie’s VR Disk.Earn Franny’s VR Disk (10 points) – Earn Franny’s VR Disk.Earn Grandpa’s VR Disk (10 points) – Earn Grandpa’s VR Disk.Earn Laszlo’s VR Disk (10 points) – Earn Laszlo’s VR Disk.Earn Tallulah’s VR Disk (10 points) – Earn Tallulah’s VR Disk.Find Magma Charge Ball Court (10 points) – Find Magma Charge Ball VR Disk.Find Hive Charge Ball Court (10 points) – Find Hive Charge Ball VR Disk.Find Garden Charge Ball Court (10 points) – Find Robinson Garden Charge Ball VR Disk.Find Egypt Charge Ball Court (10 points) – Find Egypt Charge Ball VR Disk.Find Train Room Court (10 points) – Find Train Room Charge Ball VR Disk.Find Frog Room Charge Ball Court (10 points) – Find Frog Room Charge Ball VR Disk.Found All Charge Ball Courts (50 points) – All Charge Ball VR Disks Collected.Ambush Art in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat Art in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Best Billie in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat Billie in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Finish off Franny in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat Franny in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Bear Down on Bud in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat Grandpa in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Lambaste Laszlo in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat Laszlo in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Trounce Tallulah in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat Tallulah in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Clobber the Champ in Charge Ball (10 points) – Defeat the Champ in Charge Ball Mini-Game.Completed First Havoc Puzzle (10 points) – Complete First Havoc Glove Puzzle.Complete All Havoc Puzzles (50 points) – Complete Every Havoc Glove Puzzle.Acolyte of Protectospheres (10 points) – Complete First Protectosphere Course.Grand Master of Protectospheres (50 points) – Complete all Protectosphere Courses.Vanquish Army of Giant Ants (60 points) – Defeat Lizzy.Master of Security (100 points) – Score 100,000 in the Security System.Security Specialist (100 points) – Score 25,000 in the Security System.

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