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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKCube Super Shiny Medal (15 points) – Get all medals.Cube Kick In The Door Unlocked (10 points) – Unlock a level.Cube Unstoppable Multiplayer (20 points) – Win at multiplayer. Cube Super Team Unison (20 points) – Snatch a victory when all four members of your team fight using the same character.Cube Shot Only Gold Score (15 points) – Exceed gold score without using “dash” or “shield.”Cube Base Protect Without Shot (15 points) – Protect your bases without using “shoot.”Cube Force Of Destruction Laser (15 points) – Use one laser pick-up to destroy 130 enemies.Cube Super Mega Combo (10 points) – Pull off 5 combos in succession.Cube I Own This Level Score (20 points) – Increase your bonus rate to 400. Cube Absurdly Explosive Bomb (15 points) – Catch 10 enemies in an explosion. Cube First World Complete (20 points) – Complete a world. Cube Final World Complete (25 points) – Complete all worlds.

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