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Unlockable List Of Zombie Bashing Crap In The Air Vents:Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks. For all unlockables, you need to earn an ending. If Frank dies, you fail to earn a required ending, or you choose to start a new game after meeting the requirements, you will not unlock the reward:ITEM – HOW TO UNLOCKAmmo Belt costume – Do not miss with a machinegun. If you miss, start with a new 150 round machinegun.Arthur’s Boxers costume – Survive for at least 7 days in Infinity Mode.Hockey Mask costume – Photograph all PP Stickers.Real Laser Sword weapon – Survive for at least 5 days in Infinity Mode.Mall Uniform – Answer all calls from Otis.Mega Man Boots – Get the best ending without being knocked out. You get this achievement by finishing Overtime mode not 72 hour mode.Mega Man Clothes – Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.Prisoner Garb – Steal the convicts’ jeep.Pro Wrestling Boots – Break 100 items.Pro Wrestling Briefs – Defeat 1000 zombies without any weapons. Most skills are considered bare-handed. Not all melee attacks count! Big swing, hammer throw and lift up don’t count! The moves where you use a zombie to kill a zombie are not considerd bare handed moves.Real Mega Buster – Defeat at least 53,594 zombies in one session.Special Forces Boots – Defeat at least 15 psychopaths or 10 special forces soldiers.Special Forces Uniform – Destroy the Special forces helicopter.White Hat – Photograph at least 50 living survivors.Unlock Mega Buster:The Zombie Genocider achievement (kill 53’594 zombies) unlocks Rockman’s Mega Buster in the security office. Once this achievement is accomplished, let your current mode run down (72 Hour Mode works best). Once the credits roll, the unlockable will appear and you can save it to your gamertag profile. Frank can stock the weapon, but can only carry one at a time.Unlock overtime mode:Complete all case missions up to The Facts. Then, talk to Isabela in Carlito’s hideout before and after the 10 a.m. intermission sequence. Return to the helipad by 12:00 p.m. on the 22nd to unlock Overtime mode.Unlock infinity mode:Complete Overtime mode to get the “True Ending” and unlock Infinity mode. In Infinity mode, you lose 1 life bar per 100 seconds. It requires 20 minutes to lose all 12 life bars which equals four game hours.Katana hint:As soon as you begin the demo take the first staircase to your right and walk up.At the second store/shop on your left (it is a resturant/food court) enter the shop and jump behind the counter and walk to the juice section (you’ll see it, mmmmm O.J.) after you replentish your health,walk to the right of the juice section and jump off-trust me.You will land on an orange canopy and yeehaw you’ll find the Katana that will slice and dice the hoards of zombies in your path. All though the katana does not last long, it is freakin sweet watching the zombies be cut into bloody pieces!Note: Katanas are also infinite from stalls N116 and E205.Uzi Locations:There are some reliably constant sources of Uzi’s in the game (note — unless you are doing Case 1.1, thses Uzis do not appear if you have one in stock already):(1) The fountain in Al Fresca Plaza. Note, having an Uzi in stock will prevent this item from spawning when the Al Fresca map is loaded. It’s best to complete the Case files until this area of the map is opened easily (assist Brad, fight Carlito #1 on day one).(2) In Paradise Plaza, head up the stairs to level two (the stairs next to P113 Kids Choice Clothing). On the landing mid-way up the stairs, jump and mantle onto the blue store marquee. Follow the wall until you are over P116 (Shoe Kings). The Uzi’s placement should be obvious.(3) In the Food Court, locate F103 (Chris’ Fine Foods). There is a signboard that has a cook’s cariticature. Mantle onto the dining booth sidings, then mantle again onto the cariticature signboard. The Uzi should be on the top.(4) The maintenance tunnel warehouse. This is the same room as the maintenance tunnel key. On the map, this room is underneath Leisure Park, and may be considered “just south east” of stall W107.(5) In Wonderland Plaza in the play area by the maintenance tunnel entrance, you need to zombie ride to the toy playhouse. The uzi is on the house’s roof.(6) In the leisure park, goto the entrance of the parking lot, turn right

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