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Avatar Awards:Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKRed Darwinian T-shirt – Unlock the “Online Commander” achievement. Squadie T-shirt – Unlock “The Bridge” achievement. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKProdigy (10 points) – Rescue 30 or more Darwinians in the Darwinia Tutorial. Fastidious (15 points) – Eliminate every single monster on any map in Darwinia (excluding Garden). Turning the Tide (15 points) – Activate the Construction Yard, begin manufacturing Armour and obliterate the Ant Infestation. Savior (25 points) – Complete the Single Player Campaign. Clear Vision (10 points) – Upgrade any research program all the way to level 4. The Bridge (10 points) – Complete the Epilogue and help the Darwinians launch their first rocket. Warzone Victor (10 points) – Win 5 games in any Multiwinia game mode. Master of Multiwinia (25 points) – Win a game in every Multiwinia game mode. Warzone Explorer (25 points) – Play a game on every Multiwinia map. Online Commander (15 points) – Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox LIVE. Share the Love (10 points) – Invite 5 other players to games of Multiwinia. Stick Man Slaughter (30 points) – Kill 65,536 Enemy Multiwinians.

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