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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKShutout (15 points) – Win a game while shutting out the other team on Easy.Catch of the Day (10 points) – Throw 8 passes in an Xbox Live co-op game.Breaker (10 points) – Complete 2 pages in the Game Breakers mode.Comprehensive (15 points) – In Regulation mode complete one sack, get one kill and an interception.Carnage (15 points) – In Regulation mode have 3 of your teammates killed and win the game.Super Breaker (25 points) – Complete all 10 pages in Game Breakers.Special Teams (15 points) – Run for a touchdown on a kick off play during an Xbox Live co-op game.Super Shutout (20 points) – Win an Xbox Live co-op game while shutting out the other team in Regulation mode.Cooperation (10 points) – Win a match in Regulation Mode while playing an Xbox Live co-op game.Hundred Grand (20 points) – Get more than $100,000 in a game in Regulation mode.Challenged (25 points) – Score 30 points in a game.Fast Scoring (20 points) – Score 2 touchdowns in a period.

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